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Fever Series-Review (Spoiler Alert)

In My Own Words What Happened from Start to Finish of This Series.. I Read Them All In One Week.
(Spoiler Alert) This is not the entire series, just sort of a summary of what happens, and what I think, like a review??? Well, Mack Lane is your average normal, drifting through life twenty year old, sunning by the pool, doing a whole lot of nothing. She is beautiful, of average intelligence, never really had much hardship in her life. BORING. Then everything changes, so fast, her sister is dead. She can't believe it, no one is home so she has to identify the body. Its mangled beyond belief, she's numb, she's then angry, she then wants revenge. Her sister was killed in Dublin, she's never had any desire to go to Dublin, and she doesn't have one now. She has to though, no one is doing anything about her sisters death. They were so close, best friends even. Mack blames herself because she missed her sisters call, its all eating her up inside. You can tell from the minute she learns her sisters dead that Mack changes. She's been altered, she is driven by finding out who killed her sister and why, nothing else matters. Its obvious from the get go that Mack does not know how to properly handle grief,   it puts a chink in her Barbie girl image, it gives her a new skin, I saw her differently from that point. She is wallowing around Dublin, sort of getting no where, things are strange, and its ALWAYS raining. She is feeling down on her luck, hopeless, and wet. She has noticed some strangeness though, and she thinks the shadows are moving, so she runs into this little bookstore for shelter, LIFE CHANGING ALERT..bells whistles, that whole shebang. The minute she steps into Barrons Books and Baubles, what is a bauble?, life was not the same. She's looking for this book, to make a long story short its magical, and like fifty other people are looking for it too, lucky for her she heads into the book store, asks for the book. Everyone makes these googly eyed faces, and jaws drop. Then this husky manly..beastly voice from behind Mack startles her. Making another long story short, its Barrons, he's hot, he's macho, he's scary, he's like swoontastic. Thus sending Mack on a whirlwind journey to hunt for this book, along with Barrons who of course wants the book too, duh? Mack is magical she see's the fey, and can sense fey baubles?  Therefore making her valuable so super macho Barrons wants to protect her from all the evil beasties who want to hunt her down, and munch on her like a fleshy burrito.  She really doesn't make loads of headway with her sisters death, for a few reasons, one she's a horrible detective and barely looks for clues, two she is distracted by hunting down this book the entire populace of Dublin is after, and three Barrons is hot, and distracting, and maybe evil. We spends lots, and lots, and lots of time wondering what is up with Barrons, he is mysterious, and its obvious super old like Bones and Spade old, he might be like prehistoric, I'm not real sure on that whole clusterfunk. Alright, when we aren't wondering about Barron's we are running errands for him, or with this fey prince named, V'Lane he is sexy, but kind of annoying like, if Eric Northman were annoying he'd be V'Laine. This entire love triangle, really isn't a love triangle, because we have no idea what is up with Barrons, and he has never really made a move on Mack. V'Laine on the other hand is some kind of sexy fey, or rapist fey that is so gross, and creepy, but then not, because he is sort of suave. He is constantly putting the moves on Mack, then the thing that makes it a love triangle, is that Barrons is jealous. I liked this scenario every time Barron's got jealous MY heart started to race. We learn that this Dark Master or whatever, is actually her dead sister's boyfriend, he is evil to an extent, mostly he is just a whiny baby, he's mad he was kicked out of Fey Land, so he is a douche lord about it. Then Mack gets kidnapped by this Vampire named Jr. or John he's really evil, he tortures her, and it takes Barrons forever to figure out where she is. She sometimes goes off on her own like Jane True, and she usually ends up captured, like Jane True. I bet Barrons and Anyan would love to swap rescuing maneuvers.Mack and Barrons almost hookup, they do this several times, but nothing happens. They continue hunting for the book and Mack continues to wonder what the crap he even is. We learn also that Mack is super annoying, like beyond comprehension after she is attacked by these Unseelie Sex Rapers, I get how painful it is, but with all that build up, and believe me it was excruciatingly painful this buildup, to just have Mack and Barrons going at it for like a million pages with no lead ins or talking, or it even technically being real, it made me extremely angry. I was glad Mack was able to remember it, that did help. Also througout this entire thing is this Covenant of Fey Seeing Peeps, Mack then goes to stay with them after she learns she had all kinds of sexytimes with Barrons, annoying, but necessary. V'Laine is always around driving you nuts hitting on Mack, annoying Barrons, and they both still fight over her, only now Barrons has actually slept with Mack so its in his favor more, thats cool. Then Barrons dies, that is really really really painful it was for me, I about lost my mind. I was in shock. I couldn't believe it, we finally learn he is some kind of hell mastodon thing, and he dies. The death scene was one of the best death scenes, and then Mack's reaction was gut wrenching, incredible writing.I was seriously in tears, and just blown away by KMM's ability to write at that point in time. Then Mack picks herself back up, and needs to find that damed book, she is going to use it to bring her sister and now Barron's back. I really didn't know how Mack felt, but after reading her reaction I knew she loved Barron's, she would destroy worlds for him. It was definently worth the wait, just to see the amount of passion she had after his death, it was just crazy. That made all the stupid priya stuff worth it. She hooks with Tom the evil ex-fey  who may or may not have killed her sister..He is after the book, and actually closer than her to obtaining it. She is disgusted because she thinks he killed her sister, however she moves passed it, and travels with him. She is off, she is numb, not really with it, and needs to use him, so she kisses him. Also she uses him to escape all the pain she doesn't want to feel. Then ta-da Barron's isn't dead he sees her outside BB & B dry humping with the enemy. He is mad because did I mention she killed him, she was told to though not her fault, leaving him pissed. Then he see's her kissing evil ex-fey..Making a super long story short, they eventually meet back up talk it out Dr. Phil style, and decide its best they just move forward with finding the book. Barron's is still mad, but he always is about something. They hunt for the book some more, she finds out who really killed her sister, funny not evil ex-fey like we thought. That entire sister killing business is sadly anti-climatic. Then Mack travels to this weird White Castle, not the eatery a fey castle where the Unseelie King and his consort resided. She finds this chick there, thinks its the consort, thinks she's the second coming of the King, all of this is sort of pointless. She takes her back to Barrons who died again so we have to wait on his resurrection, learns that V'Laine has been lying that the consort is the Fey Queen, V'laine put her there, to hide her away, shocking V'Lain is evil he is really Cruce, the supposed dead Unseelie Raper Prince. He wants to be King now, he's fooled everyone like literally everyone Barron's the entire Seelie Court, Mack, most importantly ME. Then we learn half the people aren't who they say they are. Barron's and Mack return to BB & B, and he has this sign made turning it into Mac's store, all seems to be good in Dublin.

For Those of You Who've Actually Read It, and Don't Actually Feel Like Reading My Ramblings..Bullet Points

  • One, I totally loved this entire series, I read it all at once, and it all blurred together for me.
  • Barron's seriously sizzled off the page, he was may favorite, he seriously has my heart. 
  • The mystery behind what the hell Barrons might be kept me reading, that was my  main concern. 
  • When he died I threw my book, honestly. 
  • I hated V'Laine for almost the entire series, except for when he became Cruce, then he became smart and cunning in my eyes, though evil. 
  • I really grew to love Mack, even when she was numb, but I wanted to slap her  A LOT, but then I couldn't blame her because half the time I didn't know who she could trust either. 
  • I loved BB&B it was like a second character, I feel like I could draw it, and I can't draw. 
  • Dani annoyed me, I know I'm probably evil, but I will give her credit for being fierce, that she truly was, I didn't hate her, but she just irked me at times. 
  • I was relieved because I had no idea why Barrons wanted that book, but when I learned his reasoning, I loved him even more.
  • The entire priya thing made me want to cause someone physical harm, I hated every minute of that. I wanted Mack and Barrons to hook up for real, I just felt cheated, when she was able to remember it all that made it less painful, but still, I hated it. 
  • I truly loved this entire series, I'm so glad I got to read it all at once because the cliffhangers were gnarly. 
Thoughts on Shadowfever
All in all the final book was the best, I laughed, I cried, I was furious. This book had everything I could want, perfect end of series book, in my opinion. This book really did make everything worth it, all the anger, and tension, and pain (for Mack not me), this was just everything I hoped it would be, granted I can't say I felt the pain of the people who actually had to wait, since I cheated and read them all in one week, but most importantly I liked it. 
I totally pictured Kaley Cuoco for Mack Lane
Normal Mack, Barbie Mack...

When Barron's made her die her hair
 thats really Kaley just with black hair. 
Then Barrons...
Martin Henderson from Off The Map, he is cast
solely because I started watching that show when I read 
the books..He does look like him..
Now his hair is slicked back...Bad picture but 
his hair is most slicky looking in this one.

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