Friday, January 28, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Recap-10 (Spoiler Alert)

I was so happy with this weeks episode, Damon stole the show basically.. Also everyone is quoting Caroline "Everyone just needs to stop kissing me" that was a great line. I missed Jeremy though, and I was almost teary eyed when it came to Rose, but she hasn't been on the show all that long, and I'm not dreadfully attached to her. However, seeing Damon like that did make me sad, then our boy totally went off the deep end, he had himself a mini nervous breakdown toward the end. Also Elena was pretty much just on guard dog duty this entire episode, I did like how a few people called her out on just giving up by making her deal with Elijah, so true. I am seriously hating the stupid She-Wolf Lindsay? or is that her One Tree Hill name, I don't know but I hate her, I basically blame her for causing Damon all this grief. I knew the stuff with Caroline and Tyler would come to a car crash esqe conclusion, blame She-Wolf for that as well, I wish Caroline would have explained all that mess herself. It seems now Tyler is going to lock her in some sort of cage? If the previews are right, hello major over reaction, well maybe not, but still harsh. Caroline is so cute, and I'm always going to be Team Caroline, she is my favorite. I really would like to see her and Tyler together I like the whole werewolf/ vampire thing, I actually hardly ever see that, except maybe is that the Lilith St. Crow books, I forget. Anyway loved this episode and can not wait for next week. I am also digging the VD ads, I've been obsessing about them on Twitter lately.


Monica said...

I missed Jeremy too! He's my favorite! And I've been really liking Caroline this season! She's changed a lot from the beginning of the series. Her and Tyler would be PERFECT together! I think the wolf's name is Jules right? But it is totally her fault that poor Damon is so upset! :( And, I'm really happy that everyone is telling Elena she's taking the easy way out because she is. Did I mention I really missed Jeremy though? Cause I did. :(

Katy said...

You are totally right its Jules!! She is making me mad, she's messing up EVERYTHING lol..