Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kitty and The Midnight Hour-Review

Kitty and the Midnight Hour (Kitty Norville, #1)
★★★★-I really think I'm going to love this series.

I know this is common at my blog, maybe I'm just a negative person, but I never thought I'd like a MC like Kitty Norville, but I freaking love her. I should have guessed I would, I always end up liking the blonde Princess types who turn into fierce heroes. She is right up there with Mercy Thompson and Merit from The Chicagoland Vampire series, she's that awesome, if you like the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning, I just finished it, you will love Kitty. She grows so much as a person or wolf in the first book its amazing. The way she behaves you would find so believable if werewolves were real. It felt like Carrie Vaughn did a lot of research into actual wolf characteristics. I loved the idea of her being a radio DJ, its so easy to picture her behind the microphone just chatting away having a blast. During the beginning she is so dependent on her alpha, much like a real wolf, its startling, but realistic.A few of the parts are hard to believe, and they might make you think of Kitty negatively, but in a real wolf pack her actions would be common. I will admit I sort of saw the "bad-guy" coming to a degree, but there were a few unexpected twists near the end that I really loved. I just really took a liking to Kitty, I'm not saying Carrie reinvented the wheel, but its still a really good werewolf book. I also really like a few of the vampires, and a certain bounty hunter, the boys in this series are a plenty, always a good thing. I can't really tell who I want Kitty with just yet, but I'm excited to keep reading.I liked the characters, and was entertained by the story, a really good Urban Fantasy in my opinion.

This is who I pictured when I read, I Justine.
The Call of Duty playing YouTube personality.
Such a bad picture, but she looks DJish 

& below is a video of I Justine answering random questions, just so you can actually form your own opinion of if you think she's Kitty Norville or so not.

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Smash Attack! said...

Most definitely a strong heroine. Kitty rocks!