Friday, January 7, 2011

Wanted (PLL #8)-Review

Pretty Little Liars #8: Wanted

Small recap, the girls think its all over, but then it starts back up again, they start to examine the past everything is not quite what is seems. If you just look a little bit closer at your own memories you will see clues that were there all along, can you trust the girl sitting next to you, or the people living in your own home? 

★-Based on the fact I never once saw it coming :]
Well, I officially know who A is, again.. New A I suppose, or always actually really was A. Sara Shepard is seriously addicting, and after seeing the awesome new episode, I had to just get it over with, and learn who A was. I'm still going to watch the show of course, everyone says they will switch it up, but I don't think they should. The ending to this book was great. I'm still team Hannah she is my favorite Pretty Little Liar, but this entire book felt like a really juicy Lifetime movie. The show for me is better on the romance front, Sara Shepard seems able to do suspense and twists, but romance is sort of one dimensional. The plot is riveting enough to cover that up though, this book brings an entirely new freaky brand of crazy, I loved it, and I'm finally just happy to know who A is, I zoomed through this one fairly quick, but it was worth it. I always thought that maybe it was just some prank gone seriously wrong, and maybe Mona was just a fluke or something. However, after reading this, crazy, unstable, and dark don't even begin to cover it. This was like Inception, not that complicated actually, but close. In the end I was all like What? no really WHAT? then I was all like.. Ok? I flipped the book over to make sure it was not written by Marry Higgins Clark or R.L. Stein lol, brining the crazy thats for sure. I loved all the false leads to a point, but by then end of the series I was like, Sweet Jesus in a manger are you kidding, I honestly at some point thought every single character slightly mentioned was A. It felt like I was watching How I Met Your Mother, who is the girl with the yellow umbrella? Who? TELL ME!!! Ok random sorry, but anyway such a huge twisty journey we've gone on whilst reading Pretty Little Liars. I loved the books, and the show is fantastic, I'm hopelessly addicted, and in the end all the drama, and confusion is worth the power of knowing.

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