Wednesday, January 5, 2011


★-Based wholeheartedly on the fact I like Neil, I'm shallow
First of all, look at that cover, beautiful right? RIGHT?..Let me first start off by saying, I enjoyed Rampant, it was completely different, than what I expected. I of course knew a little bit about it before going in, but it still didn't prepare me. Do you guys remember season seven of Buffy, when all the potential slayers converge on the Summer's home, little warrior women, fine, fresh, fierce, all that jazz, well Rampant reminded me of that. Astrid is, beautiful, and blond, but quirky, and a tiny bit awkward, at least from my findings. She is shipped off to Rome, to become, a unicorn hunter, yes, honestly. Unicorns are creepy, very bad creatures, sort of..she agrees because, well just to appease her slightly crazy mother, and because she is a minor, and she doesn't want to have to tell anyone how strange her life is, plus due to a recent encounter she believes in unicorns too. Also she comes from quite a background, like Alexander The Great, that type of background, a lot of sweet historical destiny in this one folks, loved it.. She arrives at camp, or whatever, and meets Cory and Neil two British blokes, well one is a girl, she is unhinged to say the least, a total warrior. Then Neil, who of course reminded me of Matt Smith, Doctor Who the entire time I was reading, so win! They run things, and Astrid doesn't really seem to mind that all that much, it still scary though, I really liked Neil a lot he was my front runner. Alright so to make things a little weirder Phil, or Phillipa Astrid's beautiful, vibrant ( or so Neill would say) cousin arrives. She is a little bit more vocal and headstrong, but this is still Astrid's show. I loved the imaginative story and writing style, so much, it felt like a movie, honest.  They are in fair Italy, so of course you must meet up with some hunky Italian boys, I like Italian boys personally, but come on, for me if you have to choose between a nerd-tastic British boy, or an Italian, who speaks the language of love, its so obvious British boy all the way, he reads, and in my mind looks like Matt Smith form Doctor Who, no-brainier. I like how it was sort of dark, like dark humor, its still slightly frilly, but oh so totally wicked. I like the different personalities of the hunters, all the girls are different, and if you saw them on the street, you would not think, Oh she could fight big scary two ton monsters, no, you would think wow she is an airhead, or she has nice shoes. You have a super brave little blond girl with a sword, that always makes for good storytelling, and unicorns, I see no possible way to go wrong, and I'm right.  Writing is great, Italy is great, Astrid likable, Cute boys FTW, and rocking cover, you should certainly give it a go.

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