Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Duff-Review

The DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend)
★-I could not put it down, Bianca says everything I wish I could say.

Bianca Piper is annoying at times, but she grows on you, trust me. Wesley is every guy you've ever mooned over, but thought he's a jerk, but he's so pretty. Much unlike real life, these two are deeper, she's not actually all that bitchy, and he's not actually all that horrible. Her friends seem so shocked they hook up, they both are EXACTLY the same. They both have no problem with their "sexytime" arrangement. They are both sarcastic, and they are both hot-headed, and they have people in their lives they care for a lot, Wesley cares about his sister, and Bianca cares about her Dad. Even though he's kind of not that awesome, I can see why she loves him though. I have to give Kody Keplinger props she tackled some tough issues in this book, and I think handled them greatly. I love how Wesley evolved during the book, I liked him from the get go, but I liked him even more when the book ended. I loved Bianca, she's just who she is, even if she is clueless about almost everything, and a failure at life. At times I wanted to slap her, but I can see why she's confused about love, really though she's so young, she puts so much stress on her relationships for being a teen. She is a total nervous wreck, and over analyzes everything, and I truthfully think no one else could deal with her but Wesley. She's funny though, and she's fun to read about, and thats really what matters. She reminded me of Jessica Darling at times, thankfully she and Wesley make me less suicidal than Jessica and Marcus. Thank the book Gods for not dragging Bianca and Wesley out like some other YA couples. I liked the passion, and the not beating around the bush, it was sweet. This book, is super fast paced, and just brilliant, haven't come across a bad review for it yet, good sign.

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Savannah said...

I just got this book and I totally need to read it. Thanks for the review!