Friday, January 21, 2011

To Pettyfer or Not To Pettyfer

Yeah I bet you saw that smoking hot AP picture, and thought "Ohh must read, so pretty" well snap out of it sister or brother, this is not an AP friendly zone. Yes I do find it hard to not be happy he's dating the lovely Dianna Agron, (Quinn Fabray) that is awesome, yet insanely moot. This post is to address why Alex Pettyfer is being cast as every YA male lead. Every single one dreamed up by some genius author, painting the picture of a tanned, sweet, but misunderstood blonde Adonis teen boy. I've witnessed him "discussed" as the male lead in basically every YA book turned movie, honestly. He can not play the lead in I Am Number Four, Beastly, The Mortal Instruments, The Hunger Games, The Host, The Wicked Lovely Series, Heist Society,  Shiver,  Matched, Firelight, Just Listen, Wake, If  I Stay, and how did you people work him into Paper Towns, seriously? Also he does not scream Sam from Shiver, not even remotely. Granted he does look like Shae from Nightshade, I'll give him that. However, just because he's blonde and cute does not mean he has to be cast in every movie based on a YA book. A ton of "dream casts" have him, but is he really that great? Also DIMITRI really, does he look like a sexy burly Russian, no, no he does not. I can foresee him getting cast as Peeta, but I really wish he would not be, and he truly might be our Jace someday, but is there not any other blonde Adonis teen boys out there, I don't creep on teen boys I swear, he's not really a teen though. He is incredibly good looking, and I'm sure a great person, and a decent actor, but can we get a fresh face? Garrett Hedlund might be free :], ok that was shameless Hedlund pushing, but seriously he's blonde and hot, also Hunter Parish, have you seen that boy smile.

Now does that look like the face of Peeta Mellark?
lol, just kidding but seriously, he is no Peeta, Jace maybe.
I could care less about the Summer King Keenan, but if
they cast him as Niall, that will be the death of cinema.

"Hey Alex, can I maybe have one of your roles, just ONE, I sing!! I'm a little old, but I could totally pull of The Host, right? RIGHT?"

"I could totally be Peeta, look at my smile, better yet look at my abs!"

This last picture is solely for the purpose of no one saying I chose "unflattering" AP pictures.


ladystorm said...

That is so stupid, there are so many nice looking teen actors out there that could play a lot of those roles. They really should spread the love a little. AP is not a bad looking guy but he is not that HOT that he should be playing all the roles. I actually think he is a horrible pick for Beastly, not anything I imagined (but I have more grips about that movie than just like the tatoos..errr)

Katy said...

I agree I am really hoping Beastly is better than it appears to be, it was such a good book. I also don't like Vanessa Hudgens that much, but hopefully it will be better than we expect. I haven't really witnessed him acting so Beastly will be my first chance.