Wednesday, January 19, 2011


This very blurry picture on my left, is my physical TBR pile, I have way too many books on my I-Pod, yes I'm that awesome, I read on my I-Pod touch, its actually really handy most of the time, cause I can check Goodreads, Facebook and Twitter on it when I take a reading break, anyway. I decided to compile a list of books I vow to finish before February, I've read a few this month, but this pile is too large. I have witnessed some other people's TBRs, and they put mine to shame, but remember you can't see my E-Books, I have a Netgalley requesting problem, and just got a bunch more today! Alright so on to my list

  • First and foremost the book I'm actually reading Darkfever, won't be an issue I am loving this book
  • Jane by April Linder, I just got recently, but really want to read it badly.
  • The Iron Witch, I just got also, excited about it.
  • Across The Universe-Started but didn't feel like finishing once I got Darkfever, so I'll do that, everyone seems to love it.
  • The Tempest Rising Series, because I got Tempest Legacy, and want to understand it, I have the first one, but will need to buy the other one..
  • Book two in the Kitty Norville series, need to buy it, SEE I'm adding books to my TBR I don't own, what is wrong with me!?
  • Shine by Lauren Myrcale, because the cover is lovely, and also Peace Love and Baby Ducks, I started it once, and I actually own these two, so they are more realistic. 


ladystorm said...

I have a netgalley addiction I have so many requested that I feel guilty requesting more but I can't help it. I read on my ipod touch also but really want a ereader (maybe when I get my taxes *crosses fingers*)

I have books boxed up because I have no place to put them, I have a bookshelf right beside my commputer with my MUST READ books, but I still keep adding to Its horrible when you have a book addiction. :( :)

Oh and I am wanting to read the Fever series, so the first one is going to be added to the must read pile soon...LOL

Katy said...

Darkfever, thus far is awesome! My I-Pod saves my life because people think its a phone, so in public no one has any clue I'm reading,and not just texting lol. I will run out of room soon, I want new shelves.

Monica said...

Your tbr pile puts mine to shame! I have maybe 20 books tbr (although there are a lot I want to get). I love that book case though! Is it one of the ones that hangs on the wall? Very cool! I really want to read The Iron Witch and Across the Universe! Thanks for sharing!

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