Sunday, December 5, 2010

Storm Glass-Review

Storm Glass (Glass, #1)

Re-do, yes I am re-doing this review. I actually read the last one, and I hurried through it, much to fast. I have emerged from reading Maria V. Snyder, I am stopping so I don't get burned out on her. I read, Poison Study, and reviewed it, OVER reviewed it with one of my notorious lengthy reviews to be exact. I would review, Magic Study, and Fire Study for you, but I would simply repeat myself. I loved them both, but they were not as good as Poison Study, that would be all I could tell you. They were chalked full of adventure, and fantasy, well written, but just not as good as the first one. I KNOW! I said that a few times, but I'm just trying to get it through my own skull. Maria V. Snyder is vastly talented, but I have one problem with her, she hooks her characters up to soon for my liking. Does anyone else see that, I'm one for tension, maybe drag it out throughout the books. Alright, done with that issue, Opal is from the Yelena Zaltana books, she is a glass magician. She is incredibly talented, but almost annoyingly humble. At times you want to smack her, and tell her to quit being so self deprecating. Maria V. Snyder can certainly write, and reading anything by her is entertaining. She for me personally tends to hit the ball out of the park with her first installments, then just gradually decrease as I read. Storm Glass was the first installment of this series, and everything about it was right on point. The relationships, and the climax all of it. I really loved that Zitora was in this story more than in the Yelena books, I felt like I got to know more about The Keep (magic school?) a lot more. I loved the aspect of the setting, the adventure, and especially the Stormdancers. They harness the power of storms into glass orbs. That is way they need Opal she is a glass worker, the best one around pretty much, she created the magician cell phones, thats the best way of putting it, but like I said she won't admit that she is awesome. Ok, so this book was great, Opal, Ulrick, and Kade that entire relationship had me smiling, lots of twists and adventure. I really do love reading Maria V. Snyder, but I'm stopping for a while so I don't over do it. 

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