Wednesday, October 27, 2010


ElixirI was so surprised by this book. Hilary Duff is a pretty decent writer. I really enjoyed the story, and the plot. I seem to enjoy stories with past lives, and spooky secrets. Clea is a photo journalist, but her parents are both super famous, so she has a lot to put up with. She has two best friends Rayna and Ben. Ben might be a  little more than a friend, he's like a brilliant body guard. Strange things start appearing in Clea's photographs, and her Dad is missing in action. Ben and Clea head to Brazil to figure everything out, and hopefully get some answers. They meet the mysterious Sage, trouble is Clea knows him already, from her dreams when she is in the "past". The storyline kept me really interested, and I loved Clea as an MC.  I actually liked Rayna more for most of the book, but Clea was still great. Could not stand Ben, but I think that is just because I preferred Sage. I think its just because for so long we had no clue what Sage was, and if he was even good, I always thought Ben was evil, based on the "past" events. I just rooted for the soul-mates, there love seemed so old, and genuine. The characters were pretty well formed, but the mystery was what really kept me reading. I again was shocked that Hilary Duff actually wrote it, I shouldn't be she seems really smart and together, I'm a fan of most of her work, she does some pretty awesome Independent films sometimes, I really like. I recommend the book, its worth the read, I love the cover too, but wasn't a fan of the material it was made out of, thats pretty stupid, but true.

A twisty one, book full of past lives, and soul mates-Final thought on Elixir

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Savannah said...

I bought this book only to support the ghost writer. I'm glad that you like it. I will be reading it soon. Nice review :)