Monday, April 26, 2010

The Girl Who Chased The Moon

The Girl Who Chased the Moon

This one I'd have to say I recommend to all people it doesn't matter what kind of genre your in to. At first I was confused about the main character the story centers around Julia, an adult who runs a restaurant and loves to bake cakes. Then it also centers around Emily a seventeen year who just moved back to town after her mother's death. Julia had a troubled past, but things are looking up kids who once teased her like her now, and Emily meets a cute yet odd boy. Julia takes Emily under her wing to help her adjust they become really close. Emily tries to get the hang of the mystical town of Mullaby. Julia is just trying to tie up loose ends so she can get the heck out of Mullaby. I come to realize the main character in my opinion is Julia, but Emily is important too. Julia reconnects with her high school crush Sawyer, and they try to work out some painful memories. Emily keeps seeing Win Coffey the mysterious boy who's becoming a fixture in her life despite everyone warning her against him. Everything is really mysterious in the southern town of Mullaby. Emily becomes fascinated by the Mullaby Lights a paranormal mystery in town. Everyone tells her to just ignore them, and then she finds out her mother was also obsessed with the lights. Then Emily discovers her mother wasn't such a good person when she lived in Mullaby. Julia goes through some changes, and Sawyer never gives up despite Julia's anger toward him for hurting her in high school. Everything is not what it seems, and you just can't wait to figure it all out. The story is charming, and full of mystery a quick happy read. My mom loves Sarah Addison Allen she told me to read this and Garden Spells she even went to the library brought home Garden Spells then made me swear to read it soon.


Angiegirl said...

Ooh, read THE SUGAR QUEEN, too. While you're at it. :) It's my favorite SAA book. I loved Julia in this one.

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

Awesome review!! I love those rare books that cross over genres and everyone will enjoy :)