Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Radiant Shadows

Oh where do I begin, Ani I have always had a soft spot for the little hound daughter of Gabriel the dark kings assassin. The entire family of Gabriel's I've always liked. Plus I've discovered in my reading that I myself lean more toward the Dark Court fairies. I did like Sorcha in Fragile Eternity though. I still am not Seth's biggest fan. In Radiant Shadows Seth is in the mortal world and Sorcha is upset over it. This is causing her to be moody and out of character for The Unchanging Queen of The High Court. Devlin Sorcha's Bloodied Hands and brother is sent to the mortal world to check on Seth because Sorcha orders him to, and she is acting so strange over it. He then gets sidetracked by Ani who is special in her own way. She is a halfling but a very strong powerful one. Irial and Niall both want her to be safe and she's under their protection. Devlin is drawn to her, and it derails him from his Seth duties. Rae a dream-walker who Devlin has protected for a long time urges Devlin to seek Ani out, and keep her safe that she is important. Devlin doesn't mind he likes Ani they set out to keep themselves safe from Bannach the evil embodiment of War. She is also Sorcha's twin, and Devlin's sister. Devlin and Ani try their best to keep everyone happy, but Bananch is relentless. They need to fix Faery its falling a part because Sorcha is so upset over Seth's being gone. Everything needs to be set right the worlds are all unbalanced. The journey to set everything right is intense and awesome. The love story is worth the read too. Plus I got to see some of Irial and Niall always good.

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