Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall For Anything-Review

Fall For Anything was amazing, one of my all time favorite reads of this year so far. I adore Courtney Summers she has always been one of my favorite authors I loved both Cracked Up To Be & Some Girls Are.  Eddie is a moving complex character, and you are not forced to like her, because that is not the point. You are just supposed to learn her story, and take away from it whatever you choose too. I was prepared for the worst when I started reading this because suicide freaks me out,  its not something I like to talk about because its real to me, I've experienced it in my own life. However both times, my family knew why, so I didn't have that same problem, Eddie wants to know why her Dad did what he did, and I understand wanting that. Milo her best friend, wants her to move on in a sense, because he's scared of loosing her too. Its scary if you think about  loving someone so much, you are afraid for them to die. I feel Milo's pain because its tough when you love someone maybe who is so close to the edge, that you can feel them slipping closer and closer every minute. Milo tries his best to be there for Eddie, she wants nothing more than to know why, and she fears being a burden, so with all of that facing Milo, its easier to understand why he gets so frustrated. He is the realest thing about this story besides Beth. Milo is a person that could be plucked out of any of our lives, he's genuine with a big heart, but a liar. He lies to protect you though, and he lies to himself.  He's the person assigned to pick of the pieces of Eddie, but he gave himself the job.  Beth is amazing, she's trying nothing more than to right a house full of wrong. She's Eddie's mother's best friend, and is afraid of death and aging. When you think about it, how brave is she to place herself in a situation full of death. She's a positive person, and you want to mock her, but I admire someone who tries so hard even when everything seems hopeless. I think Eddie needed Beth, but hated her for being so determined.  Then Culler Evans enters the picture, and you just want nothing more than for him to vanish out the same pretentious door he entered. I at first thought I liked him, but then I realized only Culler likes him. He is the exact type of person I felt Eddie did not need in her life, someone as toxic as herself, he wanted to know why, but not for the same reasons Eddie did. Culler was a minion of Eddie's father's he studied under him, and was also a photographer.  His pictures were ten shades of creepy, and a little bit indulgent in my opinion. I never even saw them, but I just felt the only emotion they captured was vanity. Culler was rejected from every school, a spoiled kid with a surgeon for a father, who paid his rent, and funded his hipster lifestyle. He is just wrong in so many ways, I felt like he liked Eddie at times because she was Seth's daughter, and Culler worshiped Seth. I stand with Eddie on not being an artist, I'm not either, and I can appreciate art, but I really do not get it. I want to say Culler is a freak of epic proportions for doing what he did, but I've never felt like Culler or Seth with a burning need to create, so I have never known the loss of something so special. I still think Culler was a first class jerk, but maybe he was desperate to unlock whatever creativity Seth stole when he killed himself. I think mostly he was just lost, and Eddie was lost too, and it was better for them to be lost together than wandering alone asking why, when truthfully maybe the answer is just because.

Paperback230 pages
Published December 21st 2010 by St. Martin's Griffin

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