Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blue Diablo- Review


If you love words & when words come together to create pure awesomeness I honorably suggest you read Blue Diablo. Ann Aguirre is an amazing talent, whom you will for sure enjoy. I can not believe I wasted so many minutes not reading her work, Corine Solomon is a true gem where Urban Fantasy meets so much more is concerned.

Corine is hiding from so  many people, Corine is gifted. She can touch things & know their story. She can find people too, but its a curse not a gift. Nothing comes without a price & Corine's scarred hands and gypsy lifestyle prove that. Her ex-fiance Chance rolls into town with a missing mom, he needs Corine's gifts. She is leery naturally, but she can still not turn him away he was her first real love. This book has a lovely hint of mystery, and wandering its a road trip supernatural esqe amazing piece of fiction. I can not wait to keep reading Corine's tale.

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