Friday, June 10, 2011

Cutting Back On My YA

I just feel like I've veered too far away from my initial love of Paranormal, UF & Fantasy. I will be cutting back severely on the contemps I read-Unless it falls under the coveted names of Courtney Summers, Jennifer Echols, Queen Simone, or Kody Keplinger. I'm going to concentrate hopefully for the remainder of my blogging days on fantasy, paranormal & paranormal YA/Dystopia & occasionally adult romance (Julie James, Deidra Martin) all in all I just can't do anymore YA its hurting my brain. I feel like its too much at times & I need it in small small doses.


Taschima Cullen said...

Okay so you will be concentrating more on adult you mean? or YA Fantasy, paranormal and dystopian?

I thin the lines between YA and adult are so blurred these days that one can enjoy YA without having to go to the adult section. But your right, sometimes YA can be a bit too much, even I need a reboot now and again!

Katy said...

I mainly just do not want to read anymore contempary depressing YA basically lol.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about YA hurting your brain. I'm venturing into the genre because my partner-in-crime is in love with it and insists I read this book or that because its awesome. 9.9 times out of 10 it usually isn't awesome but mind numbing and I want to shoot myself in my foot. But, for her I will go on a bit longer.

I think for me its like this, I've been 15, and 16 and 17 and barely survived the horrors of it. Why would I want to go back and live the horrors and struggles of youth when I can have a smutty good time with a vampire? LOL!

Katy said...

I try to read YA a lot and put it down... A select few authors I've ended up loving.. But I'm just a fantasy paranormal girl, I'm done trying to be a YA person lol... Vampires are just better for me.. Real life is not so fun.. Suicide and cancer are just emotionally taxing or if not that it's a whiny girl who is smarter than the rest... I get why people like it but its not my scene.