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I read this book back in January, but it came out today, so I'm posting my review now. I gave it 3 stars, because the ending broke my heart. I'm mean honestly tears poured from my eyes, I was very invested in this book. I really enjoyed it, so I hope you do too.Also now that they have cast Katniss more people will know about Winter's Bone, so the reference isn't as lost on everyone. I'd actually watched it way before Jennifer was cast as Katniss, and at the time thought to myself how perfect she was for that role. Anyway, Hunger Games side note aside, this book was brilliant

I LOVED this book , I'm seriously having to write this review now because its so necessary. This book is beautifully written, the characters are flawless. Its just a wonderful southern Gothic novel. I was moved by its message for gay rights, and just extremely deeply connected to the characters. I thought Cat was brilliant, I loved her entire family, I live in a place eerily similar to Black Creek North Caroline, so it hit home on a lot of levels. I also watched a movie Winter's Bone's recently that really reminded me of this. Meth is a seriously dangerous drug, and just everything about this book and the message it sends is perfect. I could not stop reading, the slice of North Carolina small town life with gossip and poverty, the meth use, it was just REAL. However, I'm sure your like, "Why three stars if its so awesome, and freaking perfect?" I'll tell you, and this has happened to me so many times its not funny. I got so invested in this book it wasn't normal. 

I was like IN LOVE with one character, he is it, my favorite, I wanted to maybe skim a little to get to him, thinking this will be great, I want him with Cat, I love him. I was physically happy to read this book when I wasn't reading it, I wanted to be because I loved him so much. Then, the most horrific thing happened. HE WAS EVIL! I was fooled, so fooled, then I felt totally stupid, also I hated myself. I was lying too myself for a while in the back of my head I was thinking, he's evil, its him he's the bad guy, Cat is looking for him, it has to be him. I just SO did not want it to be. When Cat was in the gay bar, and the bouncer started to describe him, I felt EXACTLY like Cat, totally heartsick, DENIAL DENIAL, but it was too in your face at that point.. I was CRUSHED....It just about caused me actual sickness, I swear. I felt bad that I had been so enamored with him, then he turned out to be CRAZY! Still the writing was just so eloquent that I was still able to feel sorry that he was so confused and broken. Then as if that wasn't bad enough, he had to go and nearly kill a small child, I was just too emotionally invested to handle that. I was actually alone in my living room going "NO!!!!!" I'm sure if your smart enough not to get attached to the crazy guy then you'll love this book its basically amazing. I have warned you though if you start to get the feeling that maybe someone is hiding something as you read, that maybe he's like possibly also gay, and maybe evil, and maybe its weird the way he's so shady, but Cat is just not seeing it, but he's so awesome, STOP STOP STOP HE'S EVIL, DO NOT GET ATTACHED TO HIM HE WILL BREAK YOUR HEART!!!!!!!!! I mean looking back, unless your totally denying it like me or Cat, then its foreshadow city, but then again, he's just NOT EVIL until you know he tries to kill a small child, then your like, I'm stupid, I should not be allowed to read big people books. There you have it, I sincerely suggest you read this book, and find out for yourself who I'm talking about, it truly is a beautiful book with a wonderful message. Lauren Myracle did a fantastic job, I loved how invested I got, I do the same thing when I read Jennifer Echols books.. The writing just gets to me

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