Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Shade (Shade, #1)


Smith-Ready changes the world simply by changing our ability to see. — Publishers Weekly, starred review, on SHADE

I read Shade finally, it was great. I had to wait for a long time for it to arrive from jolly old England. I really was first drawn to it because I love Jeri Smith-Ready's other series, she is a brilliantly funny writer, and I of course loved Shade's cover as well. I am really jealous that I do not own Shift, because I really wanted to just keep on reading, but alas I have to wait to get my greedy hands on a copy of my very own, or E-Book or whatever I don't know I could get an E-Book, but I'd rather read it in print to be honest, anyway.

I really liked Aura, I instantly pictured April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation, do not ask my why I just did. Also for some reason I had Logan speaking in an indignant high pitched voice. I really liked Logan at times, and I was not shocked that Jeri wove music all through it considering her other books. The plot was stunning, I really loved the ghost factor, the world she created was very real to me. I however, was bummed for most of the book because I was like, oh man this is so contemporary and sad, I don't mind that, but I wasn't expecting it for some reason. However, once I got my mind wrapped around the idea I was very intrigued. Aura and Logan seemed wrong to me at times though, like they just didn't click, even when they were both living. Like I said it was very raw and real, I appreciate Logan, but I just liked Zachary more, hah! his last name is Moore, only funny to me? Very well moving onward. Zachary was you know alive, and they had actually more in common, and he seemed far less whiny, Logan seemed like a brat to me, I mean Megan actually called him a brat once in the book. I liked Megan, she seemed like a very levelheaded good best friend for Aura, and I liked Aura's Aunt Gina too, Aura seemed to surround herself with very likable people.  The book was very good, and I will certainly keep reading, I want Shift badly, like I'd scream with joy if it showed up at my door.

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Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Oh great review! :) And so glad you enjoyed this one. I've got it on the WANT list, but have to get there. :) Thanks!