Friday, April 8, 2011

The Vampire Diaries-Recap 15

Spoiler Alert!

     Its back my TVD recap, I am officially without words, but I will try and  muster some of them up for you guys. First and foremost the major scene stealers this time, Bonnie for one, then Alaric-Klaus, and Isobel's fiery Goodrich-esqe demise. We fine the Salvatore brothers clueless, per usual. Bonnie and Jeremy are getting magical per usual. Then Alaric-Klaus and Jenna are fighting, like they always do. Lastly Caroline and Matt are struggling like, I will say it, they always do. All of this is rather normal and mundane, and I saw a few tweets, and peeps were pretty bored with it all. Then as if Julie Plec can sense this, things take a turn for the Lost-y twists, twists and more twists. Guess what some guy with mind bending powers, or something takes Alaric and Katherine, who cares about her and Isobel they missed their calling for day time soap villain IMO. However, poor Alaric-pre Klaus..or is he? That confused the bejesus out of me honestly, I'm still confused. That giant mind bending man was putting Klaus in Alaric's body, yes? no? or was he there the entire time, and they just want us to think that its a new development. I know they cast someone as Klaus, but seriously ya'll I'm confused. Why does he need to be in Alaric's body, he's had scads of time for Isobel to spill the goings on of Mystic Falls to him, sense that crazy bish has been compelled this entire time. Also Bonnie will now possibly have to die, well can we not just put the special "Can't Die" ring on her, or because she is supernatural will that not work. Well, Katherine is again being held captive, which they will always have to do with her because I'm sure its a big pain in the arse to have her and Elena be in the same place. If Katherine is confined to, oh say a tomb or a room with crazy Alaric-Klaus and Macho Mind Bender, then that makes filming way easier. Plus of course we need this to happen, well I need it to, I need for Alaric-Klaus to speak in his sexy Dimitri Belikov/ Makism from Dancing With The Stars accent, don't you lie and say you don't need to hear Alaric-Klaus speak. We also need him to have some crazy conflict-y sexual chemistry with Katerina Petrova, it will be awesome. I mean its such a creative way to have Alaric be with Nina Dobrev finally without it seeming creepy. Just imagine how that will play out, this super human Russian ancient vampire has been hunting her down for like ever, tons of years, he's been searching for her. She dodges him at every turn, kills herself, screws him over time and again, its like the perfect environment for hostile sexual chemistry. Klaus and Katerina decades span their love-hate relationship, its classic. Its like Katherine and Stefan on steroids, its major swoonage is what it is. This is nuts, I mean KLAUS, I can not wait until they have a real actor though, it will really put a face to him. Plus I am worrisome of poor Alaric what will happen to him when  the Uber Vamp exits his bod. Then again, what if Alaric is Klaus will they even be allowed to do that, Isobel was compelled did Alaric-Klaus compel her? They would know if Alaric was Klaus all along right? That is insane, plus hadn't the Men Witches actually seen Alaric before, I'm loosing my mind over here. I am also pretending the entire Matt/Caroline/ Sheriff thing did not happen. I mean after my girl Carolina was tortured I was heartbroken, can we not cut her some slack people, why must we torture poor Vampire Barbie, its heartless. Let her have her Mom and Matt back, its the right thing to do. I am fully on board with Team Oblivious Human dying out, bring Matt and Jenna in on the wacky schemes, and the constant double-crossing. I screamed in outrage when Alaric stood up, and started waxing poetic in Russian, I mean COME ON, then Matt double-crossing, its the inklings of Team Oblivious Human deterioration. Bonnie and her impending doom, that does not bode well.. Does Kat Graham want out of the show? She is a singer on the side, so that is possible. Poor Jeremy, must we kill off every single one of that poor boys love interests, is Steven R. McQueen cursed, if your character is written into a relationship with him are you killed off, seems that way. I know this was really long, but people come on seriously now, comment on what you think, was your mind blown? Do you have any theories? Do you think Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy) is cursed to kill off unsuspecting female characters? What say you of Alaric-Klaus?

The actor who plays Klaus's Twitter, Really nice way to taunt the fans REAL Klaus, try showing up in an episode instead of sneakily making Alaric your location on Twitter, hahahah OMG ! 

You ask, Katy was that necessary, um yes, yes it was. 

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