Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just A Taste-Review

For delizioso pasta, go to Dante’s. For a sumptuous Cordon Bleu, go to Vivi’s. To really heat things up… get them together. 

Since his wife’s untimely death, Anthony Dante has thrown himself into his cooking, making his restaurant, Dante’s, a Brooklyn institution. So far, his biggest problem has been keeping his retired hockey star brother out of the kitchen. But now, a mademoiselle is invading his turf. And you know what they say: too many chefs spoil the neighborhood… 

Stunning Vivi Robitaille can’t wait to showcase her tastebud-tingling recipes in her brand new bistro, Vivi’s. Her only problem is an arrogant Italian chef across the street who actually thinks he’s competition. The table is set for a culinary war—until things start getting spicy outside of the kitchen… (Goodreads)


Oh my gosh, so I know I review these books all the time, but this series really truly is one of my all time favorites. I just can not describe it good enough, I'm serious the chemistry just crackles of the pages in these books. Anthony is in previous books, but just in passing or whatever, nothing really too serious. However, when I started reading I was like "Whoa Anthony, where did this powerful hot guy come from, who knew?"  He is devastated by the loss of his wife Angie, naturally. Still its been a year, and he is starting to cope a lot better, and is getting funny looks. His family thinks he should at least try to move on, but before he met Angie he was content just being a chef, doing his own thing, hanging out with his family, no woman needed. He is fine to go back to that lifestyle, it does not bother him at all. Vivi is trying to start her own restaurant she just has the good fortune or maybe bad luck of the location being right across the street from Dante's, Anthony's restaurant. Vivi is new to America, she hails from France, she is still trying to master the language of sarcasm, but one thing she does understand is cooking. She and Anthony fight over this, who is the better chef? Its all in good fun, and Anthony doesn't really think too much about it. However, everyone else does, they are thrilled he might move on, so his brother takes it upon himself to inform Vivi of Anthony's late wife, and maybe to light a  fire under her. Is she really ready to live in a haunted life, filled with Angie's memory or is it all too much? The writing as usual blew me away, the steamy romance was well steamy, I loved it. The food sounded yummy, Anthony stole my heart I was really blown away by how rugged and gorgeous he seemed all of a sudden. Romantic comedy at its finest if I do say so, it was amazing, I love this series so much,Deirdre Martin did it again. 


Ing said...

I love romance with sporty heroes. This sounds great. Will have to check it out.

Kylie1403 said...

I have been reading this series and loving it! Book 1 was a little blah for me but book 2 AMAZING

Katy said...

Ah this series so good I love it! They just keep getting better..