Friday, April 8, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect-Review

Practice Makes Perfect
When it comes to the laws of attraction, there are no rules The battle between the sexes is about to make these two lawyers hot under the collar. Opposites collide when two lawyers try to make partner at the same firm. Payton Kendall is a feminist to the bone. Cocky J.D. Jameson was born privileged. But when they-re asked to join forces on a major case, they gain a newfound awareness of each other-s personal assets. The partnership spot will be offered to only one of them, though (Goodreads)


I am knew to Julie James, I had witnessed several epic reviews of her work, but it still did not seem like something I'd like. I have no idea really why I thought that, I love romantic comedies when it comes to movies, why not books? I love Deirdre Martin, so I do not see my hesitation making any sense. I decide to start with Practice Makes Perfect, honestly because I thought the synopsis sounded brilliant, once I was willing to give it a chance.  Now here we are I'm a full fledged Julie James fangirl. Amazing storytelling, killer sexual tension, and many many laugh out loud moments. Every character is likable, and you root for everyone.

Payton Kendell is a force to be reckoned with she is strong willed, and some might even call her a feminazi. She is a powerful lawyer at a well respected firm. She has poured all of herself into her career for the last eight years, for one reason, well maybe two reasons only. The first being to make partner, that is her motivation, the skimpy bikini hanging in front of her treadmill. The second reason being, J.D. he is basically the male version of Payton, except for his silver spoon upbringing that is. He has also poured his heart and soul into his career for the last eight years to make partner. They are under the impression the firm will choose two, because basically they have no competition. Then suddenly everything changes, the big men upstairs decide only one of the workaholics will make partner, and now things are about to get even more serious. Some wacky antics ensue, leaving both Payton and J.D. to question their maturity levels, and to make things even more stressful they are assinged a multi-million dollar case, that they have to both work, together. They each have went out of their way to avoid working with each other for the past eight years, and now all of a sudden when  its crunch time, here they are on the same team. The conflict dripping in unrequited feelings, well that made for a spectacular story. Every time you turned the page you could just see Payton's guard lowering more and more, and you wanted to just laugh at J.D. for struggling with it all. J.D. was this titan, he was untouchable really, the farthest thing from Payton's mind, he might as well have been a robot for all she cared. However, beneath that robotic shell, um well there just happens to be the sweetest guy to cross her path in eight years. Then as you could have predicted, since he is a man and all, he screws it up royally, will Payton ever be able to get over his betrayal? Well, obviously you should read it so you can find that out, its worth it trust me. I am telling you that you will love this book. I am not entirely unbiased though I am now a full time Julie James cheerleader.

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