Monday, April 18, 2011

City of Fallen Angels-Review

City of Fallen Angels (The Mortal Instruments, #4)


City of Fallen Angels was incredibly good, it just for me anyway felt like I expected too much. I really loved the entire Simon/Jace/Maia/Kyle Jordan story line.  I really love Clary and I love Lily Collins, so I am wrapping my head around tolerating her character more. I just find I like the book whenever it has nothing to do with her. I hate Jocelyn she is annoying beyond belief though, I feel bad she just irks me. Jace is very hilarious, "I believe she asked if she could touch my mango?", I'm not sure thats exact, but its close. Simon really stole the show for me, and for the brief time Alec and Magnus were there I was in love. I had really cool quotes picked out, but someone ripped the post its off my book when I left it somewhere, kind of rude eh? Anyway I looked through the book, and couldn't remember them at all, sorry :(

The story itself was really good, but it took a really long time to take off, I felt like I was reading forever.  I loved that Camille was in the book, and I really loved the throwback to Will Herondale. This however made me realize I like The Infernal Devices way more than The Mortal Instruments. I liked learning more about Maia and Kyle Jordon too, that was actually really fun and helpful. Also the little bits we got to learn about Isabelle were nice, I love her and Simon together. The ending to me just felt like an episode of Supernatural, I was like this has been done, I'm very underwhelmed. This book had brief moments of brilliance, certain parts of it were really entertaining, but then when I wasn't entertained, I was like,  will this ever be fun again? I just wish the entire book had been good, and not just certain parts of it.

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Katie said...

I am reading the first one now and it really reminds me of the Blue Blood series. I will keep reading though, great review!