Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brightly Woven-Review

Brightly Woven


Um searching for words...I really fell in love with this book. I just can not do it justice right now, and I do not want to babble. I knew I would love this book from the minute I heard about it. Alexandra Bracken's writing really just stunned me, left me wanting more, and I hate that this book is over, and I have to wait so long for her next book. I really love fantasy, and everything that goes with it. I am just a sucker for kingdoms and magic, its just who I am. This book was just beautiful, and I can not sing its praises enough, I swear.

Sydelle Mirabil is a dweller of this desert land that most of the royals have forgotten about, they are pretty much just a barrier to slow invading nations down, on their way to the capitol.  It has not rained there for a very long time until the arrival of a strange vagabond. Sydelle runs into him, and their eyes meet, and rain starts to fall its all pretty swoon-y and magical.  Turns out this guy is North a wizard, wizards are pretty boss, and respected in this area. Sydelle and North have a nice tension, North gets anything he wants for making the rains come, and duh, he chooses Sydelle, but not for the reasons you think. The awesome journey Sydelle and North go on is really fun. Every time North showed jealousy or any emotion, I was just like "Aw I love him", the writing was really great, and I just fell in love with the entire story and the lore. The characters were extremely real, and just no words for any of it, just read it. I am telling you its amazing. I can not understand why anyone would not love this book, but to each their own. So many twists and turns, and the chemistry between North and Sydelle was just heartbreaking. I really hated for this book to be over, and I really hate that Alex Bracken is not writing a sequel, she is such an amazing writer. I really recommend this one to fans of Kristen Cashore or Maria V. Snyder, also if you liked Mistwood, I bet you would love this.

Also this was my 50th book this year!!!!!!

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Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Oh wow. So glad you enjoyed this book! I've heard some mixed thoughts on it from just a few people. But it does sound like a good read. :) Thank you!