Friday, April 29, 2011

Angel's Blood (Guild Hunter #1)-Review

angels' blood


Oh what a wonderful world, no seriously. I was talking with @NerdIs_TheWord on Twitter, who got me to read Nalini Singh, and she told me what a great world builder Nalini was, and boy was she ever right. The detail with which Nalini Singh describes a room is so vivid without being too wordy. The way she paints a picture of angels flying in and out of a building in a futuristic but breathtakingly beautiful fashion, its just stunning. Then as if the magnitude of the new world were Angels rule, and have the ability to make vampires isn't enough, she lays a crop of complex, emotionally satisfying characters on you too. Just awesome, only word for it.

Elena Deveraux  is a vampire hunter, a very good vampire hunter. She is assigned one very tough task, the kind of task that might get you killed. She is hired to take down a blood thirsty Archangel, the thing about Archangels though, they are basically the HBIC *head bitch in charge*, they rule the entire world, and this particular one has gone bonkers. Raphael, is in charge of New York, and he personally has to deal with Elena and bring her up to speed on the entire matter. The thing about him is though he's very stoic, beautiful and just unreal. Its hard to even have a conversation with him because he is a freaking Archangel, and that weighs on her mind. He is the type to play mind games too, so its all very stressful. He is lethal, but he takes a liking to her, not to mention he needs her to snag the rogue angel. Their witty barbs are hilarious, and their chemistry is intriguing. Its nice to see Raphael's perspective from time to time, and Elena's streaming thought made me giggle out loud several times. The plot read like a true mystery which I loved very Charlaine Harris, its so nice to have something to occupy your mind other than the steamy love scenes, just my opinion though. Just a very quick and satisfying read, I'm anxious to see how it all plays out in the second book, I'm a fan.

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Kristen My Bookish Fairy Tale said...

I just purchased the series today! I cannot wait to read it. Great review!