Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Wither (Chemical Garden, #1)


I've seen a lot of stellar reviews for Wither, and well you are about to read another one. I adored Rhine she was such a lovely layered character, she stole my heart. I described this book to someone as The Hunger Games meets White Cat. The writing by Lauren DeStefano was gorgeous, just beautifully crafted, it blew my mind.
There is a virus in the future, that kills everyone by the time you turn twenty-five. First generation adults live a full life, but anyone born after the virus will die. The is a  unique twist on polygamy, because the rich men take more than one wife, because well everyone dies at twenty-five, and for some reason they are bent on procreating anyway, strange. The setting is very dark, even though it is Florida. The future for everyone is bleak, and there really is no silver lining. Its hard to not get a little depressed while reading, because Rhine and her sister wives lead very depressing lives. They are in a lavish mansion with everything at their disposal, but they are still there against their will. Linden their husband is not evil, I loved that you were capable of feeling sorrow toward him despite his actions, most of which are driven by his father who is driven mad from trying to find an antidote. Rhine meets a servant named Gabriel she connects with, I truly wish that we would have learned more about him. Considering all the other characters are so layered and complex, Gabriel just fell flat for me. I still was able to get behind him and root for him, but I just wish I could have had more from his character. Most of the characters were intriguing, and  the plot was just killer. Just such beautiful writing that really leaves an impression once the book is finished. The ending was good, but not exactly great, I just finished it and went, "That was nice"  it didn't really wow me, but considering the book was so dark, the ending did bring the light. I will most certainly pick up the other two books in this trilogy when they come out.

Rhine I pictured as Elizabeth Olsen
Mary Kate and Ashley's sister

Jeremy White Allen as
Gabriel, he's Lip from US

Nico Tortella as Linden
he's Razor on Make It Or Break It

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