Friday, March 4, 2011

River Marked-Review (Spoiler Free)

River Marked


I know this series has so many amazing fans, and its made up of  stellar books, but I'm sorry River Marked just was not one of them. I judge this book differently, I judge with very high expectations, so that is where we go from here. I am one of Patricia Briggs' biggest fans, I even read things that aren't her Mercy Thompson series. I also know that she can have an off book. Masques was brilliant, the sequel Wolfs Bane was not, example. I love every single Mercy Thompson book, they each bring something to the table. River Marked is not excluded, it gives us a great insight into Mercy and Adam's relationship. It also sheds light on Stefan, and Mercy's past. During one part Mercy kept mentioning Charles, she then would proceed to talk about how intimidating and scary he is, NO! call him bring him out to help you guys he'd love it!! I couldn't think of anyone more perfect or suited to help them at that moment.
Also I usually applaud Patricia Briggs with her ability to create sexual tension, and craft a sex scene on subtly, but this time I was like "Come On Woman". Also I was genuinely confused at a few points in the story, that never happens. I had no idea I was supposed to be aware of Mercy's two sisters, I know they've been mentioned, but I just felt like I needed a little back-story for them, I didn't get that really from the book. Then for a couple pages we try to figure out what the crap is upsetting Adam, why is Adam mad? What is wrong with Adam? I really don't care he'll get over it, however we ponder this for a very long time. I understand Mercy's need to understand Adam better, but I'm so confused at times by the pack bond shouldn't she be able to know these things, Patricia has the pack pond working in their favor sometimes, and then at others its useless, I guess that truly is magic for you though, that is probably how it would be in real life. I liked the mystery interwoven throughout the story, and I really loved the beginning parts with Stefan, those were beautiful, things just didn't go my way in this book, it made me sad. I don't want anyone to get the feeling I'm bashing this book that is not my intention at all, I loved it it just wasn't one of my favorites in the series. This also could be my own fault, I had extremely high hopes for this installment, and we all had to wait so long for it. I still love Patricia Briggs, and like I mentioned earlier this story had many good points. Plus I actually think I missed a short story in-between Silver  Borne and River Marked is that possible? I will certainly keep going I still cherish these books.


Savannah said...

I think what lost its spark was Mercy being more grown up. In the past books, Mercy just made any decisions on the whim not thinking it through. This time she did. She took more into consideration what it would have an affect on. I like Mercy's spontaneity. I still enjoyed the book. Nice review.

Mariya said...

Oh, no! It's "This Side of the Grave" all over again! I think I'll wait awhile to read this. I have heard many things that were not good, and epecially about a honeymoon scene where you have to leave it up to your imagaination! I say again, I think I'll wait. o___o