Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Vampire Diaries-Recap 12 (Spoiler Alert)

One problem with this episode, I want to know who Klaus is, like yesterday. I'm so tired of waiting around for him to show up, I wish Klaus was Matt or Alaric, or something random like that. Also I'm pretty sure Katherine is going to end up getting killed, along with Jules, and either Jonas or Luka.. They all fit the bill just as much as Elena, Carolina, Bonnie, and Tyler...They can turn Katherine human some how, I'm sure..I guess Isobel can be the vampire or Elijah. Then boom curse fulfilled, and no one I like had to die, well Katherine..but still.. Then Klaus will be weak and he can get the ashy dagger plunged into him by preferably Damon.. I'm beyond ready for Jules to die she has been nothing but a hindrance since she rolled into Mystic Falls.  I'm also beyond ready for Matt and Jenna to quit being so dense and realize mostly everyone in their lives is supernatural or a supernatural supporter. John Gilbert seems bent on breaking up Alaric and Jenna, I think it has nothing to do with his feelings toward Jenna, I think he's just jealous Jeremy and Elena like Alaric better than him. Of course they do Alaric helps on missions, he's funny, hot, and friends with Damon. Uncle John is just not as hot as Damon or Alaric so therefore can not be forgiven for being a killer. Plus he's mean, and snarky.. I'm even on my way to liking Elijah, he's saved Damon three times, and each time in a really cool fashion, I think if maybe Damon flashes him his heart stopping gaze, that Elijah will come around, he seemed to be into Damon there for a minute. I was devastated by Tyler leaving, I wanted Tyler and Caroline to have some kind of closure, but I feel so frigging sorry for Matt he gets burned constantly on the show...Its sad, his Mom and his sister are gone he has no one...and Stefan stole Elena, and then Tyler tried so swipe Caroline.. toss the guy a bone I suppose. Alright so one more issue, with an otherwise epic episode...John Gilbert had a point, Jenna knows nothing about the supernatural happenings of Mystic Falls, so in reality she just let a high school girl go spend the weekend alone with her super sexy brooding boyfriend..Is that normal?  I mean I know its normal for the CW, but I mean does that happen? Plus they drank wine and cooked again why?...She's like seventeen..what seventeen year old does this crap? In all honesty Elena is the most unconvincing high schooler ever, Caroline, Matt, Bonnie, and Jeremy are by far much more convincing, I don't feel like I'm reading a Danielle Steel novel with them. Elena does however look the part when her hair is up, I love that. My favorite part of the entire episode had to have been the Caroline, Bonnie, Jeremy drugging Luka mess. I loved that, and Bonnie is like amazing, I'm depressed to learn Elijah is a liar, but really not that shocked.. Loved Stefan calling Elena a martyr..She is sort of just throwing in the towel, boring. Then finally it happened the Jeremy and Bonnie kiss.. I squealed at my TV and nearly spit out my drink, I was more than ready for those two to play tonsil hockey.  I'm just pumped to meet Klaus that is my main concern right now, I want Isobel to fail at whatever she is doing to keep him away, he better be hot, he better be witty, and he better not be old and ugly or a child like Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

& yeah yeah I'm throwing you Stelena fans a bone, that scene was pretty hot!!!

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Smash Attack! said...

I think the Bonnie/Jeremy scene was the highlight of the episode for me. And I'm so sad Tyler is leaving. I was beginning to really dig him. Poor guy.