Saturday, February 12, 2011

Body Check-Review


Rare, I'm reviewing a book and not a magical thing happens, well if you think love is magical, then ok fine magic does happen. Janna Macneil is a tiny, yet feisty publicist. She is a take charge no nonsense type of girl. Sort of pretty, but her sister is a model, so she's got some self esteem woes. She takes a new job with the New York Blades, I'm assuming there the books version of the Rangers. She likes hockey well enough her little brother Wills is a big fan, but she's just luke warm about it, but the pay raise is mucho, so she deals with it. Most of them team is welcoming, Lou her boss is great, she really likes him, sort of like a father figure. I can deal with that, I grew fond of Lou as the book went on too. Janna's main goal is to revamp the image of the Blades, they are the current holders of the Stanley Cup, and are making a run for it again this year, so she's got to make them choir boys basically. She hits a few snags when it comes to getting the guys to do charity work, and good PR. That main snag would be Tye Gallagher, the team Captain. He eats sleeps and yah know hockey, its his main focus, his drive, I seriously am not kidding his will to live. He refuses to cower to the suits, and does not wish to do any sort of PR unless it strikes his fancy. He and Janna lock horns, she nags, she pleads, he will not budge. She thinks he's evil, cold hearted, a stupid dumb brute, she might be right, or not. Wills is Janna's little brother, and he idolizes Tye Gallagher swoon, so when he asks Janna to introduce them, she is scared to death, Tye is a jerk, he'll embarrass me, she thinks. It turns out Tye has a soft spot for the little kid, why he has no idea, but he gets a funny feeling in his stomach when he's see the approval on Janna's face, what's this? This book had a slew of interesting characters, you grow attached to them all. Also plus, for some, I love hockey, but in case you don't, this book does not bore you with hockey jargon, and sports banter, its a love story through and through. I at times grew frustrated with Tye's insane drive to win, and disregard of mostly all other living things, but trust me its worth it. I know this sounds funny, but Tye and Janna didn't really have that sizzle, the chemistry that makes you feel awkward at times, that maybe you should put the book down,and just give them their privacy...they don't have this. However, they do have a closeness thats much deeper, and transcends lusty fiery gazes, and its instead replaced with them sharing a plastic cup of Coke, just an ease they share and a comfort, much better in my eyes. I really had a problem with this, but that might just me, they made the sleaze Russian, I hated that, I love Russian hockey players Evengi Malkin, Ovechkin, I just really hope they aren't evil like in this book. I can seriously understand the author's reasoning though, its not anything to get too worked up over, honestly. I totally loved this book, I thought I'd hate it, that its hockey theme would of course not be enough to hold my attention, because its not supernatural or a YA, but a book for grown ups, but I was wrong happily. I was also amazed at the authors ability to keep me fully interested with a couple different plots. I sometimes find myself bored to tears unless something is occuring between the two main characters, but not with Body Check, I was enthralled with it all. This has been a really long review for me, thats just how much I liked this book.  Also just because this almost happened to me do not confuse this book with the Elle Kennedy Harlquein Blaze book, TOTALLY different story, Body Check is the title, but not at all the me.

Soo, as usual I shall tell you who I pictured whilst reading, Hayden Panettiere
pretty cool I actually found a picture of her with the real Stanley Cup. Her
outfit in the Stanley Cup picture is remarkably similar to an exact outfit
Janna wears in the book, rambling I'm done now...

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