Monday, February 14, 2011

Soulless-Review & Happy Valentines Day-May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor (Hey! That Quote Fits)

★★★★★-If North and South had werewolves and was steam-punk it would be this...Full of LOVE..this book  is on my "I Adore You" shelf, for a reason.

I don't really know if you pay that close of attention to my posts, but maybe you do.. Anyway well I've been jumping around on my 2011 List, reviewing books out of order.. I'll tell you why. Because I'm simply so boring that I read WAY too much, and sometimes forget what I read.. I really need to get a notebook and start jotting important or witty things down from books..NEW GOAL..That is why I'm reviewing Soulless now, and its a good love story and its Valentine's Day..twas a toss up between this and Amy & Roger..Soulless was read first so it won. Amy & Roger was an epic detour though from supernaturalness..I loved it.. Without further ado I review Soulless. Alexia is great one of the best heroines I've ever read. She's described as incredibly Italian, sort of curvy, but skinny if that makes sense..Ok don't hate me but I sort of pictured Sammy from The Jersey Shore..but then quickly changed that.This book is a little bit steam-punk, and a little bit romance but mostly all supernatural. It read like Clock Work Angel if you've read that. The entire world Carriger created was dreamy and totally appealing. That was the clincher for me, I loved the foggy London atmosphere, the Queen Victoria period looming over, everyone on the brink of discovery. Machines and inventions around every turn, all very cool. Alexia Tarabotti is unique, she has a lot of the good qualities many heroines have, but then she has the time period on her side. Her personality is that of a proper British lady, but she has the kick of a spicy big personality. She's the total brash speaking out of turn misfit of the ball. She's not timid or well mannered, but in her mind she's always correcting herself. Many of the things that occur in the book naturally we wouldn't think twice about,but if you look at it from Alexia's point of view you'd be rather shocked. Speaking to a man unchaperoned, not being married at the ripe old age of twenty-six, having on your walking dress when you were not walking, madness. The story is totally unique as well, no surprise it had werewolves in it I love them, my favorite thing I think they may be surpassing the fey. However its so interesting to see how werewolves behave in the age of Queen Victoria (who is in the book by the way how cool is that?)..She's my favorite Queen just FYI. Lord Conall Maccon is their Alpha, and he's a trip, Mr. Darcy meets Barrons (& no I'm not making that up because I'm just in love with both of them) As if that description wasn't enough Richard Armitage crept into my mind several times whilst reading Maccon dialog, so this book had a lot going for it off the bat. Then the story started to unfold, and crap if it wasn't absurdly entertaining. At first even though I watch loads of British TV and worship Russell Brand, I found myself put off by the dialect. It took my brain a few chapters to wrap itself around Alexia and Maccon's banter. Once I got going I was really into the story, Alexia's train of thought was comical, and Maccon made your heart melt with his Alpha werewolf ways, and then to ease things Professor Lyall the Beta to Maccon's Alpha would say something David Tennantish in a book smart funny manner. Then Alexia's family would embarrass her, I know this sounds crazy but to describe this book I want to say its like Mercy Thompson meets Masterpiece Theater, it just is! Alexia has a very rare condition, that makes her team up with BUR, the supernatural Queen's Spies, they all work for Queen Victoria, and its hectic because things that go bump in the night have come out of hiding in England, so its well known that Lord Maccon is a werewolf, but not that Alexia lacks a soul, thats just to much for her very Mrs. Bennett like mother to handle. Beasties are going missing, and Alexia seems to find herself in the middle of it driving Lord Maccon bonkers, so much so he orders a protection detail on her when this very creepy man chases her.. Think back to the Buffy season four episode where no one could talk those freak dudes in the suits, just like that. The mystery surrounding everything, and the array of colorful characters just blew me away. The characters all complimented each other, the writing flowed like Jane Austen but packed enough punch to challenge any Urban Fantasy book. Lord Maccon and Alexia really brought the flirting, even though it was such a reserved time period, and Carriger held true to that you felt the heat. Ive been gushing about them on Twitter, and everyone loves them, and I do too. I'm excited to keep reading this series, the next book takes us to Maccon's motherland Scotland!

I pictured Monica Belluci from Dracula (Gary Oldman)
and she's Persephone from The Matrix movies..She just feels
like Alexia to me, and I had to quit picturing Sammy Sweetheart
from The Jersey Shore that was just wrong..

& did I just make your heart stop GOOD! Just had to
toss him in there since I mentioned him, .......Sorry I had
to pause to gaze at his manly awesomeness.

Lastly Happy Valentines Day Listen To Paolo Nutini & Eat Chocolate

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