Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Night Life-Review


I've noticed this book around for ages, and I really love the cover, and its no shock I'm a sucker for werewolves they come second only to the fey in my book. Luna Wilder is a detective, and she's a wild one, I wouldn't want to meet her in a dark ally that is for sure. She is without a pack, so that doesn't really bode well for her, she lives with her cousin Sunny, a witch, they both reside in Nocturne City, a really cool place. This book really reminded me of a comic book, it was incredibly cool. Nocturne City reminded me of Gotham City or Metropolis, or maybe if you've seen Watchmen, just like those places. Luna Wilder, is on a case, but her bosses have serious issues with her methods, always breathing down her back, and correcting her. Women are being killed in Nocturne City, and Luna wants to know why.  She stumbled onto a lead, implicating Dimitri Sandovsky, bad news. He is from the underbelly of Nocturne City, the place where the bikers, and the seedy night clubs are. Dimitri is alpha to a very notorious pack, and he isn't exactly Mr. Rogers either, he's dangerous..They confront each other, and soon Luna realizes that Dimitri wants to know who killed these girls, maybe more than her. One of the dead girls turned out to be Dimitri's potential mate, and even though he would love for Luna to think him heartless, he cares. They uncover a lot of scary things, black magic, crooked politicians, and that maybe they don't actually hate each other. This book was pretty different, but in a good way, the mystery kept the plot strongest in my opinion, but Luna and Dimitri weren't bad either. I'm going to keep reading to see were these books go, and I've read a few other Caitlin Kittredge books, and I'm a pretty big fan now.

& so I pictured Jennifer Carpenter
from Dexter as Luna Wilder

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SusieQTpies said...

Oh that is cool! You are so right I bet Jennifer Carpenter would fit that character! I didn't like her at the beginning of Dexter but now I love her and she owns that role!

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