Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tracking The Tempest-Review

★★★★★-I really loved this one the ending was EPIC!

I really love this series, heck even Ryu grew on me in this book. Jane travels to Boston to see how Ryu lives, shockingly its totally different than her life back in Rockabill. Something comes up that I as a reader had been curious about, Ryu's little black book. He has to feed when Jane isn't there, this bothers her, I wondered about that. Ryu wants her to move to Boston of course, I can't hate Ryu, in his own way he believes he's been the perfect boyfriend. He's just a little misguided I suppose. Jane doesn't have too much time to worry about it though because in true Jane fashion she is attacked. Jane has been training her butt off, apparently she is extremely powerful. A little something something is brewing between Jane and Anyan you can totally tell there is a chemistry there. We are also introduced to Ryu's squad, Julian was my favorite out of those folks. He seemed really sweet and funny. The way Jane reacts to everything is in my eyes worth the read, she cares so deeply its totally endearing. You can tell she's just going to get more powerful, but that its always going to cause issues, she's always going to run head first toward danger, and its going to make for one heck of a story.

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