Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bloodlines-Cover Reveal

I just saw this HERE  ...Plus a few bloggers have put it up in their sites, and I wanted to know what you guys thought....I personally think it does mirror the VA books, the people are shiny and beautiful like them, but I have one issue the FONT and those holly leaf looking things it just reminds me of Christmas. I do however LOVE Sydney she is one of my favorite characters. Also lots of speculation going around on if that is or is not Adrian, I personally hope it is. What do you guys think?


Mariya said...

Spoiler if you haven't read Last Sacrifice. So Mead has been on twitter giving us hints but if you read LS, yes you know it is for sure Adrian and Mead's hints on twitter tell you it's adrian. I didn't even notice the xmas colors before you mentioned it.

I love all the VA book covers so no surprise that I love this one too. I love it but I wonder if it would look better if Adrian wasn't so cut off. After I have looked at it for a while it seems like it incomeplete, but I still love it all the same XD

P.E. @ Tantalizing Illusions said...

The Christmas thing was the first thing I thought of. I hope it's Adrian too. Though I like Sydney's tattoo.