Friday, February 25, 2011

Green Eyed Demon-Review


I love this series Jaye Wells is such a fantastic writer. I am in love with Sabina and Adam, but there a few love interests I could get behind as well. I mean Adam is Adam he's a super buff, extremely lovable mage, and he seems to be damn near perfect. Gighul is a freaking riot in this book too, he never changes, he is always down for the quick little one liner.
I loved trekking through New Orleans in this book that was great, plus a few new characters, and just enough of the old ones. Also the dynamics of Sabina's little group never cease to amaze me, it really reminds me of Buffy at times. I also love that Jaye Wells doesn't feel the need to backtrack all the time, she is simple and to the point but her plots are never lacking. The tension between Sabina and Adam in this book was killer, it nearly drove me mad, but in a good way. The action also was not lacking. This book was just another example of why I love this series. Also the ending left me breathless, I'm totally being serious it was killer cool.

Ok so hate me if you will, but I can not help but picture
 Dilana from Rockstar Supernova...I'm sorry!

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