Monday, February 28, 2011

The Education of Hailey Kendrick-Review

The Education of Hailey Kendrick


I never thought I'd like this book this much, but good lord it was amazing. I insta-hated Joel though, not a fan. Hailey goes to a private school called Evanshaw. This school felt like Kate Brian's Private Series meets Gossip Girl, I like both those book series so that was ok with me. However, Hailey morphed into something so much more than a one dimensional private school snob, that might be a little endearing on her best day, Hailey was real. She was a klutz, she was constantly putting her foot in her mouth, and she had a big heart. She always managed to get herself into hilarious situations, but it made for great reading. I didn't hate Tristan her boyfriend, he reminded me of the real Tristan from Gilmore Girls at times, but better. I also liked Hailey's best friend Kelsey even though I saw her betrayal coming. I didn't' mind the betraying because I knew Hailey  really didn't suffer from it to badly, it was a win win for everyone in the the end. I loved Drew, Drew was the character I was rooting for in that love square. Hell it might be some other sort of shape, there 5 people involved. That I admire, usually YA books fall flat with just at triangle, I salute Eileen Cook for tackling that Pentagon (is that right?)
This story was sweet and I loved every page. I read it in one sitting, then thought about the next day on my dull drive to Pittsburgh where it snowed BTW, and everyone drove like they'd never witnessed snowfall before.  This book was super cute, and the writing was top notch, lol I'm for real the writing was good. The story flowed well, I liked the boarding school aspect, I liked the subplot with Hailey's Dad, Drew kept me laughing, and he was certainly swoontastic.  I will be reading Eileen Cook again for sure.

I pictured AJ Michalka because Hailey
isn't beautiful she's real looking, and
AJ might not be stunning but she is pretty.

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