Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gumbo Post Two- A Few More Bookish Things

Ok, Parajunkee's question today is.. If you were to write an Urban Fantasy novel, where would the setting be? Well first off I've actually written some of this novel, I'm sure everyone in blog land dabbles in writing every now and then, my setting is Canada I made my town up though, Rosier I'm not sure if its real I should look that up lol. Its near Montreal though, I do know that.  Its also wolf oriented, come on if I'm writing a book you know its going to have either Fey or Were in it or both. 
                                                              ..Thats Canada

Book Three in the Sabina Kane series
Green-Eyed Demon (Sabina Kane)

Also Jaye Wells is having an awesome contest on her site if you don't know her she is the author of one of my favorite series the Sabina Kane books, she is giving away a bunch of cool swag an ARC of Green Eyed Demon and an audio of Red Headed Stepchild.. Follow that LINK..


ParaJunkee said...

Fun. Something about wolves in the snow right?

Redd said...

I love this... I couldn't do the dare. I couldn't exactly decide...sooo torn... But I enjoyed your response to the dare. XD