Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Accidental Werewolf-Review

★★★★-So cute but deadly

Well, so this book was hilarious. I laughed out loud so many times it was insane. Marty could have been so annoying, but she was funny enough that it all worked for her. Keegan an alpha werewolf accidentally bites Marty, he's kicking himself because that almost never happens. They get tossed together sort of against each others will, and of course Marty thinks he's nuts.

This story was so sweet and endearing, but it packed a punch so it wasn't too sappy. It was kick-ass with a girly charm, Marty sells Bobby Sue cosmetics, and its her life she loves her job, Keegan is a burly werewolf, not exactly going hand in hand, you know? Marty's friends are hysterical too, and Keegan's family adds a lot of spark. The story flowed really well, I was interested in finding out the outcome, I really connected with Marty too. While reading you rooted for Marty, its super important for me to root for my main character. Plus I was invested in Marty and Keegan's relationship. Another plus I had no clue who the bad guy was, it was shocking to me. The characters were likable,and there was a certain mystery to the story, it was great.  I liked this book a lot, and I'm excited to read more books in Dakota's Accidental series.

I had a pretty hard time picturing someone at first
I eventually decided on Anna Camp from True Blood
Mrs.Sarah Newlin..

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