Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Ghost and The Goth-Review

The Ghost and the Goth
★-I was pleasantly surprised by this book :]

I have been wanting to read this book for ages, ever since I first saw it mentioned. I think I might really like other ghost books after reading this one, it really got me hooked. At first, I thought this Alona chick is not for me, but that changed fast. She cracked me up, I could picture her easily, and Will was very vivid too. The book started out with a bang literally Alona gets hit by a bus, kinda like Regina George in Mean Girls, only Alona doesn't make it, hints the Ghost and the Goth. Will can see ghosts, and they bug the crap out of him, pester him, and make everyone think he's talking to himself. Will and Alona did not run in the same social circles during her living days. Will is the only one she can turn to though, since he can give her answers, and even hear her, so he's her only option. Alona and Will aren't the only plot, the second plot with Will and his friends, that was just as interesting. Will had a dramatic life even before Alona started bugging him, his friend died, and she's in a coma, all the mystery behind that improved the story for me. I wasn't all bogged down in Will and Alona, there were other things to keep you into the book.  I really got attached to feisty little Alona, and morose Will. They had a good witty chemistry, and the novel was really cute, like an ABC Family movie, a good ABC Family movie I might add. Alona appears so one dimensional, but she really isn't, she has the biggest heart. She is just very good at hiding it, because she works so hard to find stability due to her family issues, and Will is just as shocked when he discovers she has a soul.. I talked with the author on Twitter after I read the book , love that we can do that. She told me how happy she was that I liked Alona, because that isn't always the case, she would be a difficult character to write, because she is who she is.  You want people to love her, and she deserves to be liked, but at the same time she is sarcastic and your typical Princess. However, she's really just a sweetheart, and Will isn't as freaky as he seems, nothing is what it appears to be in The Ghost and The Goth.. I will definitely pick up the sequel to this one, I've already added it to my Goodreads, also I think the covers for this series are so cute.

Queen of the Dead
I love this cover, Alona is probably telling him how ugly one of the customers shoes are, then quickly adding that they actually look comfortable.. She is trying to be nicer :]

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