Monday, December 20, 2010

New To You-Stuff You Discovered in 2010

So, I saw this while trolling Entertainment Weekly, and decided to do it. Its a list of things new to you this year, maybe they are super old but you just discovered them.

I just discovered Bones this year, and it quickly rocketed to one of my favorite shows, I watched them all instantly on Netflix, and now I'm hopeless.

These books are like two pieces of my soul now, they just blew me away honestly the highlight of my 2010 reading..I loved a lot of books this year but these two take the cake.

Again thank you Netflix, watched this show from start to finish, will admit the last season was a little weak, but what an amazing show.

I'm not going to lie and tell you I like any other generation of Skins or for that matter any other characters, these two people right here stomped on my heart, and made me an emotional wreck. Sid and Cassie will forever be my ideal couple.

Yes its true 2010 was the year of the red lobster, my first ever trip to the place I now call my favorite restaurant.

I'd never listened to him before but Kid Cuddi is pretty sweet.

I had never read a book written by her, and she has a few, I read a lot of great authors this year, but Maria V Snyder stuck with me, and I plan to read a lot more books by her.

The flannel shirt I started to wear it during the year 2010 and I don't look like a lumberjack its awesome, and I'm happy about the change.

It always sort of annoyed me, and I found it to be boring, but after reading several amazing dystopian novels, and watching The Road and Book of Eli (I did not hate it, sorry) it makes me want to go re-watch some old dystopia I hated.

I HATED this show, and thought I have a life, at the time of the start of this show, I do not have one now, so anyway I declined watching it, and made severe fun of several Losties in my life, but when it came time to unlock all the mysteries, and thanks again to that ole instant Netflix, my brother and I gave it a whirl, and now we both claim Lost as our number one show, even above Buffy for me and Supernatural for him.

Science Fiction in general, I will tell you now the reasons why I hated (ed notice that) Sci-Fi. My Dad is a huge Sci-Fi nerd, in fact it runs in his family, and my brother even though he watches Sports Center, is a closet nerd, its all around me, and then I had the stupidity to date one of the biggest Star Trek nerds on the planet, so I was like no, no more Spock, no more SG-1, Atlantis, Enterprise, Ape planets, all of it was just beyond me. Then I watched the re-make of Star Trek  TWICE! Now one of my favorite series of books is in space, and I watched Dune and The Fifth Element, I like it, who knew?


Elise said...

I have to admit, I have a serious Star Trek nerd streak. A friend of mine is related to Chekhov from the show, and one of my prized possessions is an autographed photo she had him sign for me. I also spent a disturbing amount of my college Senior Week holed away with friends watching repeats of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Anonymous said...

hehehe Bones, I love Booth.

Katy said...

Now I am a big Star Trek nerd, and can't imagine ever not being one, I LOVE Booth too, and Sweets.

Anonymous said...

I love plaid shirts.

I've never been a sci-fi buff. I read and watch a few things in the genre, and I know I'm missing out on a lot.

Katy said...

Plaid is my go to thing now, most shows I watch have some kind of Sci-Fi-ness to them, I love Fringe and Haven..its sort of Sci-Fi..