Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Last Sacrifice-Review

Last Sacrifice (Vampire Academy, #6)

(Spoilers, seriously)Last Sacrifice is the last Vampire Academy novel, technically. Richelle Mead is continuing to write about that world in a new series, called Bloodlines, I think. I have loved the VA novels from the start. I would have to say my favorite aspect of the story, would be Richelle's way of making two people fall in love. I really get sucked into her romances, she is a master in the art of build up, she has you hanging on the edge of your seat, both in romance and action. I was in awe with her ability to create two completely different romances. The tension, and forbidden lure between Rose and Dimitri sizzled with every word, but the sweet awkwardness had you grinning ear to ear when it came to Lissa and Christian. I will get this out of the way now, I from day one supported Dimitri. Yes, even when he was a strigoi. I liked when Rose was in Russia, I know weird. I like Adrian well enough, but I just have a feeling bigger and better things are out there for him. Rose and Dimitri share an epic, bloody, life destroying love, she would have never been fully happy with Adrian. If you've seen Veronica Mars, think Logan and Veronica. Epic love, love the spans countries, starts wars, get the picture?  Then Lissa and Christian, are slow and steady, they calm each other, and are less destructive than Rose and Dimitri, but still explosive. Alright, on to the actual story, I liked it, but it was in no way my favorite. Rose is on the run, and her friends ban together to help her. There was just to much going on for me, I enjoyed the story line involving Lissa, and I was rooting for her to become queen. I however, felt the road trip involving Dimitri, Rose, and Sydney lasted way to long, if just felt like I was stuck in a time loop. I really do love Sydney though, she has become one of my favorite characters. The Keepers, or the strange backwoods vampires, now they were interesting, I loved that little tid-bit. Sonya for me seemed to recover so much faster after her anti-strigoi cleansing. Dimitri seemed to wallow in self-pity for freaking ever, and Sonya, was just over it, I guess they are just different. I at times wanted to slap Dimitri, he kept pushing everyone away, and you know whining. Adrian then started to whine toward the end, I was like man up BOTH of you please, dear lord you  men are whiny. Also Rose kept ending up in a dress, funny, but really? Chapter 29 was by far my favorite chapter, it was the chapter that made reading all the other long drawn out road trip, Dimitri whining, Adrian, Christian, and Lissa sitting around in a royal room discussing stuff, well worth it. I really loved how everything was tied up, didn't expect the killer of the Queen to be who it ended up being. Glad she chose Dimitri, all I do is win win win this year, Dimitri and Peeta, sweet. I loved the ending, I liked the book, I adore Richelle's writing, even if I complain. I think I was just bitter, I kept wishing I could go back and watch Lissa and Christian fall in love again, or Rose figure out what a powerful fighter she is, just depressed me, its all over, but Bloodlines will make it better. Rating wise, I decided to go back to stars like on Goodreads. I had to give it a 4 because yes, Adrian  made me cry, but I found myself bored a few times too, all the goodness still can't make up for the fact some stuff was a little to drawn out for me. Plus I was able to guess the outcome of everything involving Lissa.  I stand by my 4, but leave you with this, everything was cleared up nicely for my taste.


Anonymous said...

The back woods vampires - I laughed out loud and set the book down when she looked over and saw Dimitri smirking. It cracked me up.

I loved this and the killer took me by surprise too. I loved the honor question Rose had to ask herself right before she named names. That was awesome.

Great review, I can't wait to see what happens to Sydney and Adrian and Jill and Eddie and who am I kidding....I want more face time with all of em.

Savannah said...

I loved your review!! I have yet to get my copy :( I feel like I am the only one in the world who has not read it yet! I so look forward to reading it!!