Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Poison Study-Review

Alright, so yes I know I hardly ever dislike a book, that would be because I don't finish them, I did read Wolfsbane by Patricia Briggs recently, and I totally disliked it (off topic sort of)..Anyway I just finished Poison Study last night, and it got me thinking. I really wouldn't mind just flipping it back over and reading it again, that has happened to me twice. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, I actually did start it over, crazy! Then The Outisders I've read it several times, Poison Study really had me stunned. It made me question my reviewing methods, and that maybe I was just so starved for a decent book lately that I've been raving over books that are just so so, but Poison Study really was great. I mean how can you trust me now that I just told you, I've been raving over books that aren't actually epic. I'm in some what of a slump, and now a pickle. I stand by my judgement now, because at the time I really felt that way about those books. Ok so done with that let me tell you something useful. Poison Study is about Yelena and she is beast. She is locked away in a dungeon for an entire year, I mean really a dungeon imagine the worst. She survives it all, and is incredibly strong beyond words. She is slated to be the next food taster for the commander, Yalek his bad-ass super assassin, hand picks her, and trains her. Can I just take this moment to say Yalek your awesome, I love you...Ok, so her life is awful everyone is trying to kill her, Brazell to get revenge for his son, magicians, and at one point she is scared to death of Yalek. So many great things happen in this book, and the characters are just right on, I can't even formulate the right stuff to tell you, its just so good, read it. Yalek is just swoon, I'm telling you that you will love him. Yelena will steal your heart too, she is a force to be reckoned with. This one also has a map, I LOVE maps, every book with a map I'm telling ya, its a sure fire way to get me to read it. The writing just blew me away, seriously, I know I say that all the time, its because I love books people! This one though something about it, it reminded me of Graceling and Fire, just I'm giddy right now, for real. I'm serious I can't wait to read Magic Study I bought it today, went totally out of my way in fact, Poison Study is a hit for sure! The opening describing the way Yelena felt and looked after the dungeon were great. I was going to copy a scene for you guys, but my book is upstairs, so I'll just sort of paraphrase it below this. Alright so I hated the uniforms they wore, those were awful no matter how hard I try I picture them in medieval type outfits, its my go to fashion when  castles and magicians are involved I default them to dress like their at a Renaissance fair. Fantasy is just my genre, I've conceded.

Yelena comes in from the dungeon, she is described as smelling like a rodent, having deep bloody gashes on her wrists from her chains. Her long dark hair hangs in greasy clumps, at one point she in the baths, and is startled because she see's a skeletal like figure in the room, but then sadly realizes she is staring at her own reflection. (Honestly I so don't do that justice, the first pages are just unforgettable)

I have the book above, I loved that cover it just made me love it, but the others are nice too.
I really liked the one on the left though too, but it was sold out, it for me any way captures the story more, just my opinion.The one on the right, is most common I see it around more, and my Magic Study cover matches it, and that BUGS me, but I had to have it immediately.

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