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Wow! Ok where to begin, Isabel is unbelievable, and Rokan, well he is Rokan, thats a compliment. Isabel is a shifter, shifters have one job, and that job is to guard the King. When they aren't needed they are in the Mistwood doing their thing. Rokan seeks Isabel out, and she agrees he is the new King after all. She travels back to his palace with him,and falls back into the swing of things. Her memory is a little cloudy, but she still has a job to do. Someone wants to hurt her Prince, he technically isn't King just yet, Isabel sets out to find out what or who it is. Little does she know she's living in a palace full of lies. Clarisse is Rokan's sister she is at odds with Isabel from the get go, and no one really wants to assist Isabel. She befriends Ven the sorcerer's apprentice, I really loved Ven, he was actually my favorite character. Ven has spent his entire life studying the shifter, and awaited for the day she would return. He wants to get to know her, and help her in anyway he can. Shifter's can't feel, and they don't worry about anything thats not important. Then why does Isabel find herself feeling things, human things. This story was so beautifully written, and full of twists and intrigue. I was hooked from the beginning the adventures start within the first few pages. I loved that there were boy and girl characters but  no real love triangle. I like love triangles, but it was refreshing, just something different for a change. Isabel's journey is so lovely, and its heartwarming. My only problem is that it was short, I wish there had been more between Isabel and Ven, but the friendship they shared still was good. I felt Clarisse was  really well developed, I was questioning her, and she always proved me wrong. Isabel and Rokan were such driving forces in the other ones personality, that was incredibly awesome. They were still so strong separate, but even better together, perfect. Isabel was strong, fierce, and confused, she had ever reason to be though, and I love when I'm fooled. I hate to go into a story, and know the outcome by the end of the first chapter. Everyone says that fans of Kristen Cashore will love Mistwood, I'd have to say I agree with that assumption. Prince's tend to just make everything better honestly, its hard to not love a story when you have a Prince to get to know.  Isabel goes on a real adventure of self discovery, finding herself, and learning her true purpose. I really loved Mistwood and can't wait for the companion novel Nightspell.

Memorable Scene For Me
“You should go,” Isabel said to Ven.
He turned toward her, clearly struggling to think. Fear darkened his eyes, and it took her a moment
to realize that it was her he was afraid of. That hurt, though it shouldn’t have. If he had played a part
in Albin’s plot, she would kill him without a second thought.
Wouldn't she?
“Go,” she said again, more gently.
He nodded and stumbled away down the path. Clarisse twisted to watch him, then whipped back toward
Isabel met her glare straight on. “He didn’t know anything.”
Clarisse’s lips curved in triumph. “Are you sure? Is that what you’ve been doing with him all week?
Finding out what he knows?”
“What’s your point, Clarisse?”
“I think it’s odd, that’s all. And suspicious.”
“You’re suspicious of me?”
The princess’s eyebrows arched. “I’m not questioning your motives. But maybe your judgment is
A small cascade of pebbles sprayed out suddenly from under Rokan’s boot. He turned on his sister
almost savagely. “By what? His blue eyes and high cheekbones? Not everybody is you.”
Clarisse blinked, her lips parting. It took her only a second to recover. “I’m merely pointing out—”
“You’re merely spouting idiocy,” Rokan snapped. His heel made a small crunching sound as it dug into the ground. 

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Bella said...

I still have to read this one, I got it but just havent gotten round to it yet. Really want once holiday break comes :)

Btw, there's an award for you here!

Savannah said...

Glad to hear you like the book. I really like it as well. Nice review :)

Caitlin said...

Thanks :)

Alison said...

I loved this book too. I agree that Clarisse was a well-done, complex character. I can't wait for the next book.