Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Top 10 Fantasy Lands

10. Hogwarts- Its a magical place we all dream of going to school, talking paintings, the amazing ceiling in the dinning hall. The moving staircases, and I've personally day dreamed about the sorting hat, wondering what house I would be put in, its a place probably close to all our hearts. Big adventures seem to coincide with Hogwarts too, can you imagine? (Harry Potter)

9. Middle Earth/ The Shire- The moving giant talking trees are enough for me to want to go, the fiery towers, the Elf Princess, and those mind blowing castles they living in, just mesmerizing. One tiny ring causing so much drama, its a party I'd love to be invited too, Now we have The Hobbit to look forward to, I'm excited. (The Hobbit, LOTR)

8. Narnia- I could probably spend several lifetimes exploring Narnia and Prince Caspian is there, swoon enough to make anyone want to visit. Magical taking animals, I love it when animals talk, I would love it even more if I were part of a prophecy, and could maybe be royal. (Chronicals of Narnia)

7. Never Never Land- I would probably fall over dead if I got meet Tinker Bell or Tiger Lilly, this is one of my all time favorite escapes, I was in love with Never Never Land as a child. Second star on the right and straight on till morning. I would constantly think happy thoughts, but never did fly, FAIL. The Lost Boys will always hold a place in my heart. (Peter Pan)

6.Camelot- King Arthur, Merlin, Lancelot, and even The Lady of Shallot they all had us wanting to go to Camelot to be a Knight, to fight Dragons, meet wizards. Nothing is better than being a hero, they have ladies in lakes there! Also swords they are in stones and if you can pull that sucker out of the stone, guess what? You get to be King, yep thats right..Sign me up! (Arthruian Legend)

5.Attolia-Or anywhere Gen might happen to be, talk about wanting to go on an adventure, I've never been so jealous of people who were probably not having that much fun. Legends and storytelling, being brave, being awesome, just great fits of jealousy on  my part. (The Queen's Thief Series)
4. Fairy Courts, or Fey or Faerie whatever- I am so in love with all things pertaining to these two places. Every fey book I'm totally enamored with all of the inner workings and customs, and just beautiful amazing things that happen, you might also view them as The Winter Court, Summer Court, and sometimes Iron.  Melissa Mar has like forty-two different courts in her books, its all just so awesome! (Faerie Folklore)

3.Tortall- Can you imagine? I haven't even finished all the books yet, but this place is off the hook. Girls are kicking butt all over Tortall, it sounds like the place to be, Tamora Pierce hit it out of the park when she created this place. (Tamora Pierce Books)

2.Pandora- I almost didn't put this cause its technicaly in space, and I didn't include Star Trek or Star Wars, or mm the floating colonies in Titan A.E. (geek), but I could not, not put Pandora its super magical and the space version of Ferngully or Pocahontas, Pandora would be an epic place to visit, and everyone is tall there. They fly on those dragon things, I've only seen Avatar twice, but Pandora is beautiful.

1.The Seven Kingdoms -  Katya and Po, Fire, Archer, and Brigan, and someday hopefully in the near future Bitterblue. I would pick The Seven Kingdoms over any other fantasy kingdom, it is my ideal hands down, no questions asked. (Graceling, Fire, Bitterblue-Kristen Cashore)


Emily said...

This is such a neat idea for a top 10 list- I really enjoyed reading this post. Thanks!

Caitlin said...

Thanks :)