Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Top 10 TV Families

10. (Grounded for Life)Sean Finnerty and Claudia were so adorbs, and I loved Jimmy so much I had a little girl crush on him. 

9.(Boy Meets World) I love Cory and Topanga one of the best relationships ever (regret no putting them on the list), but the family is what kept me hooked Amy Matthews was such a good mom, and deep down Eric was a great big brother, and Topanga and Shawn were always considered family, and Mr. Feeny too. 
8. (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) Long before Willow Smith was whipping her hair back and forth Will Smith was a Banks, and that family was hilarious, gotta love Carlton. 
7.(That 70's Show) The Foreman's are to die for, Kitty and Red melt your heart, and Bob has the best of intentions, Kitty and Red were like everyone's mom and Dad they raised the entire group of kids. 
6. (Weeds) The Botwins, true meaning of dysfunction, but they are always there for each other no questions asked.  
5. (The OC) the Cohens always put a smile on my face and they overcame tons and they had Chrismukkah, and it proved having money doesn't make you happy, being with people who care makes you happy. 

4. (Malcolm in The Middle) The "Wilkerson" family though they never ever use that name, were seriously insane, but they never failed to entertain you. 
3. (Two and A Half Men) Non-traditional family love <3 they are truly hilarious.
2.(Married With Children) Addicting, funny, timeless show, it was one of the realist shows on TV
1. (Roseanne) The best Family ever hands down

Honorable Mentions
1.7th Heaven
2.Sister Sister
3.8 Simple Rules
4.Raising Hope
5. Everwood

You can see a different list on Oh No They Didn't where I got my inspiration.


Smash Attack! said...

THE OC!!!!!!!!! I miss that show something fierce!

Kristin Rae said...

Love That 70's Show!

And Everwood!