Friday, October 22, 2010

The Vampire Diaries Recap-4

The Vampire Diaries*Spoilers*Ok so please tell me some of you guys watched that Vampire Diaries episode last night. Was it just me or was Caroline totally awesome. I was extremely sad for her when she and her mom were getting along so well, and she still had to alter her memories. I loved Damon, but was a little grossed out with the whole ripping out of the heart thing. It really turned out to be an emotional episode, I was like totally shocked when Jenna stabbed herself, I really didn't see that one coming at all. I was not sure with the Bonnie thing I thought for a second maybe she had tricked everyone, and was going to lock the vampires in the well. I really thought Bonnie was going to be the character to get axed, but I guess it just means Macon now, or maybe they are still going to kill more people. Do you guys think that Katherine will end up getting killed, or will they keep her alive so the can bring her back if Mystic Falls gets to boring? Poor Matt, is being used, I feel sad for him, but he might be toast if Tyler gets a hold of him. I'm glad Jeremy is getting more screen time too, I really like his character. I really loved last nights episode drama, drama, drama. It was totally worth the wait. If they do kill more characters I think it would have to be either Bonnie, Jenna, Matt, or Alaric, I really don't want it to be Alaric though I like him. I can see if Bonnie doesn't come around a little more they will probably end up killing her. Then again, they said they were offing someone, and they did off Macon, so it might be no one. Please people share your thoughts, no one in my non-computer life watches.

Damon: “I riled Katherine up. I wasn’t thinking. I didn’t think.”Elena: “It doesn’t matter, Damon. She won, Katherine won.”


reason #403844038543 why steroline is legit:caroline was fucking ready to jump in that well and save her man’s ass.

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Smash Attack! said...

I friggin love vampire Caroline to pieces! Last night was very dramafied, lotsa action and serious heartache!! :(