Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Once In A Full Moon-Review

Once in a Full Moon (Full Moon, #1)In my opinion you either like this book or its just hard for you to get through, I've seen that in several reviews. I am one of the people who really enjoyed it, I sometimes like a book with no complications, just a fun it is what is is book, this is my first Schreiber book, and I can go away saying I will read her books again.Celeste made no promises that she was deep or complex, she was simply Celeste and I liked that. This book had a bit of an old school feel when it came to the divided town. One side was rich and the other poor, very 1950's, but it worked. Celeste's friends were your typical rich girls, they wanted what they thought was best for Celeste, and that was her quarterback boyfriend Nash. Strongly disliked Nash, but he was important to the story, loved the Teen Wolf element that took place, it was very cool. It truly reminded me of the Micheal J. Fox movie, with the style of werewolf that was in the book. I really fell for Brandon he was a real catch, he was super likable. I can see where the book might have fell short for someone, it was quick, and the plot was extremely straightforward. I'm a huge fan of the movie Teen Wolf, and other fun teen movies. If your looking for a serious intricate plot this is not the book for you, but if your just looking to have a quick and happy read this is the book for you

Favorite Scene 
(Removed character names)It was then that he leaned in and did what I'd been dying for him to do for so long. Since he first gazed at me in Mrs. Clark's class, passed me in the hallway, and saved me in the woods. "Blank" kissed me. His lips were so tender I thought I was in a dream.

"A cute enjoyable read that left me anticipating the next book in the series"-Final Thought on Once in A Full Moon 


Jenny said...

Sometimes it's really nice to just have a fun, quick read that isn't overly complicated and it sounds like that's what this one is. I'm looking forward to reading it, thanks for this review!

Savannah said...

Sounds great! Can't wait to read this! Nice review :)