Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Infinite Days-Review

Infinite Days (Vampire Queen, #1)Infinite Days was such a fast and fulfilling book. I really took to Lenah, she was not your typical MC. I really enjoy books where the MC is not intended to be sweet and perfect, but you find yourself relating to her anyway.  I loved the idea behind the book, 500 year old powerful vamp, turns back into sixteen year-old boarding school student, original. I was not the biggest fan of Justin the boy-toy who eases Lenah back into human romance. Loved Tony the artistic BFF, he was likable. However none compared to Rhode the dark, mysterious sire Vampire, who turned Lenah into the 500 year old killing machine, then lived with internal guilt for making her a monster. Wow, just could not get enough of his personality. Vicken was the confused bad boy who just wanted Lenah to love him as much as he loved her He wasn't a bad person just what Lenah made him to be.. I really zoomed through this one it was really entertaining. I'm really exited to read the next book, the ending really left me wanting more. I got extremely attached to Rhode and Tony, and watching Lenah struggle to ease back into the current time. Also her being afraid of sunlight even though she was 100% human, that was funny. I found Lenah's train of thought to be whimsical, and I grew to really support her. I found myself forgetting she was once evil. Her story really reminded me of Drusilla from Buff The Vampire Slayer. How Angelus just showed up, and decided to take Dru from her home. I imagine if Dru hadn't gone totally bonkers she might have ended up with a personality similar to Lenah's. Then Vicken reminded me of Spike because Lenah, made him for herself, and then fell in love with him when Rhode was away, and Vicken grew to be totally enthralled with her, but she still loved Rhode. All of it just took me back to the BTVS days, that is always a good thing. Lenah being made human is sort of similar to her getting a soul, not exactly, but is has its likeness. Maybe if Dru was given a soul she might have been just like Lenah. The only down fall for me was I just could not like Justin the Adonis human boy, he was just not my cup of tea, I might change my tune in the next book, lets hope. I think if you like vampire tales of love and mystery you will like this.

"Unique in its own way, one entertaining read, with a slew of different love interests to choose from"-Final thought on Infinite Days


Savannah said...

I really enjoyed this book as well. Nice review :)

Alison said...

Great review. I definitely liked Tony better than Justin. I liked Rhode too but we didn't see enough of him. I hope maybe the next book has more Rhode.
Alison Can Read

Lu said...

Great review! I'm so excited about this book, it's on it's way :D

Brittany @ Nice Girls Read Books said...

Oh I've got this one - with THIS cover, too! I haven't read it yet, though. I really love the other cover compared to this one!