Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Vampire Diaries-Post 3

Crazy, did you guys see The Vampire Diaries this week, I for one didn't see that coming, with Macon and Katherine. I was flipping out with how bad-ass Caroline was, it was awesome. Caroline and Damon are officially my two favorite characters. This episode was just chalked full of awesomeness. I was super glad we got to see some more of Jeremy. Anyone else think this episode was great, can't wait for the next one. I think the direction they are going in with Caroline is simply awesome. Also I'm not hating Tyler Lockwood, he is totally going to be a werewolf by the time the season is over, anyone else think Jeremy will let him kill him, since you know Jeremy will just come back again, just a thought.


Caroline: I can take you.Mason: Wanna bet?Caroline: Yeah I do.Caroline: Told you. I love vampire Caroline. She’s so awesome! 

Caroline: I can take you
Macon: Wanna bet? 
Caroline: Yeah I do
..Caroline: Told you

 Best scene of the night (reblogged on my tumblr via hellyeahtvfanatic:)


Joanna said...

I thought that scene was great!! Every episode get better!!

Caitlin said...

I know it!, its such an awesome show.

mummazappa said...

LOVE this show! Damon is my fave character by far, I'm such a sucker for tormented bad boys.....

I'm trying to decide wether to read the books and put myself out of my suspense misery, or just slowly torture myself watching it one episode at a time. I think I'll stick with the show for now, but I'm so tempted to read them!

This episode was great, I knew that Mason Lockwood was up to no good.