Saturday, September 18, 2010

Easy A-Review

Easy A is about a girl named Olive and she tells a fib. This fib spirals out of control when its overheard by the wrong person, and spread all over school. Just goes to show you how fast rumors really can travel. Olive then is approached to help some guys out with their lame reputations. Olive agrees to it not thinking nothing much of it, other than she is helping out and being nice. The Scarlett Letter is woven all through the plot, and they are even reading it in English. Olive is just hilarious and witty, and Emma Stone as Olive is just fantastic. The entire cast is great so many good people, Lisa Kudrow, Stanley Tucci, and so many more. I really loved this one, and don't want to give away to much, but its worth the trip to the theater. There are some serious notes to the movie, but nothing to heavy. Like I said a totally fun movie, I saw it with my Mom its a great mother/ daughter movie. Some elements might not be cool for young kids but tweens and teens for sure should go. I've also heard lots of other good things about the movie. Did I mention the dude who tried to kill Bella from Twilight is is in it or Dan Humphrey (Pen Badgley) swoon worthy eye candy to rot your brain ladies... Ahh! I just can't push this one on you guys enough! Just trust me on this one.

"A fun refreshing take on the high school movie, full of good wit, and humor"-Final Thought on Easy A

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