Monday, September 20, 2010

Banning Books Is So 60 Years Ago!

Well, I feel like I have to do my part and SPEAK. Its all been said since I'm so late to discover the controversy. I've seen the movie, but not read the book. I plan to do that, it seems like a wonderful book. The movie was inspiring and moving. I can't really find the justification in banning anything that moves someone. One of my very best friends went through something similar, I'm not her so I can't even begin to convey what she felt. All I know is that she needed someone to be there for her, and she was ostracized because she was at a party, and almost everyone assumed it was "her" fault. She wasn't a teenager so, they deemed her irresponsible, its all very frustrating. Any tool that can be used to help someone cope, and survive a difficult situation should be allowed, as long as it doesn't  endanger the victim or any one else. Again its all been said, but all thats been said is extremely important. I urge you all to SPEAK, and read and learn as much as you can about book banning. I'm 100% against book banning, I really have never been able to wrap my head around it. I believe a parent has a right to tell a child they can't watch or read something, but on one hand I believe in the power of free will. Allowing someone to come to the conclusion on their own, yes some people need guided, but I'm almost positive book banning is not a solution, its more of a patch in an already cracking foundation. Maybe you should have a conversation with your child get to know them a little. If your doing whats right in your home what your child reads shouldn't matter, but again the only person with the right to ban a book is a parent. I don't feel teachers or ministers have that right, they can suggest whatever they like, and you can choose to accept that, but to force something like that on a person, is wrong period. The article also talks about Sex Education, and I'm also 100% on board with that as well, no one can be to educated when it comes to sexual safety. Sometimes children in the dark are the ones who end up in the most trouble, just saying. Also Slaughterhouse Five was mentioned Kurt Vonnegut is a truly brilliant man, and that book has been ruffling feathers for ages, and I have faith it will weather the storm . Just as Speak and Slaughterhouse Five are two insightful books, and it pains me to know people misinterpret them, and only  choose  to see the negative, I haven't read Twenty Boy Summer, but I doubt the author had any shady intentions.  Again all this is my opinion I'm not saying what I believe is what you should believe, I can only write what I write, and hope you take something away from it. I urge you read the article yourself discussing the topic. You can also read the author of Speak's rebuttal HERE. I pray you draw your own conclusion, and don't just jump on a bandwagon either pro or con, just whatever you feel is right for you. I myself like to be preached at by someone who at least knows what they are talking about, and I have a sneaking suspicion this man has not read Speak or Twenty Boy Summer, Slaughterhouse Five possibly, I don't see how he could have avoided it in college.

  • I sent a letter to the editor just to make sure my voice was heard

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Bella said...

I too was late to the controversy on the blogs and only just read Scroggin's post today. However, I also have a strong opinion in direct opposition to what he says. Banning books is certainly not the answer, and his call for censorship highlights why events like ALA's Banned Book Week, which is timely considering it's coming
Sept 25- Oct 2nd, is still such an important event! I definitely have some meaty items to discuss on the blog when Banned Book Week comes.
Especially since I've read Speak and can personally attest to its brilliance. The book is intelligently written and even better, connects with readers emotionally on a topic (date rape)that many find difficult to even broach!

Caitlin said...

Exactly! It blows my mind people still want to ban books at all, when so many other horrible things exist out there literature not being one of them. Banned Book Week is important, some of the books on the list astound me! I'm excited too see what you have to say on your blog.

Katie Edwards said...

It made me furious that this Scroggins idiot is more upset about teenagers reading about uncomfortable issues than about them experiencing them first-hand. I don't know what kind of fluffy-marshmallow world he's living in, but in the real world Speak has been a comfort to kids who have been in Melinda's situation - and those who haven't - and encouraged them that they don't have to suffer alone, that they are not guilty and that it's not their fault. It would be a disgrace to take away such a valuable resource from the people who need it most. It's not just a story. For so many, it's a lifeline.