Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Clock Work Angel-Review

This Review Contains Minor Spoilers
Tessa Gray is unlike anyone else even in the supernatural world. She is a trusting good natured girl on her way to London to live with her brother Nate, the golden boy brother with a gambling issue. She is sidetracked by two evil Dark Sisters who want to teach her how to use her special gift, and get her ready for her impeding marriage to the Magister. She is rescued by a Shadowhunter, if you have read The Mortal Instruments you know what that is, if not its a nephilim warrior  who defend humans. Tessa goes to stay at the Institute with Will, Jem, Jessamine, and the folks who run it Charlotte and Henry. All of them are shadowhunters, they set forth to untangle Tessa's mysterious life. They need to find her brother Nate figure out what the Magister wants with a shape changing Tessa, and not get killed doing it. Tessa is a strong willed smart, extremely likeable MC. Again if you've read The Mortal Instruments series, you know Clary is the MC of that book, Tessa is very different from Clary. Clary is sort of frustrating, but Tessa seems to make sound good decisions. She seems to be very bookish and maybe even an Ivy League beauty. Then Will is a dark sarcastic London bloke, he thinks everything is funny but never laughs. He is Tessa's rescuer, and the typical bad boy, he is not exactly like Jace, but they do have similar qualites. Jace from The Mortal Instruments does actually do bad things, Will likes for you to think the worst of him, but doesn't really do anything worth mentioning. Jem, is a sickly, yet compassionate boy, who is best friends with Will, and seems to be the only one able to connect wit him. Jessamine is an aristocratic lady who doesn't exactly want to be a shadowhunter. Then Charlotte and Henry are the parental figures who runt the Institute, Charlotte is a loving take charge woman, and Henry is an absent minded professor type. This story is just as good if not maybe a little better than The Mortal Instruments, you feel London come alive in the pages, and you get attached to all the characters. I will admit I saw the plot twist coming, but Cassandra Clare spiced it up a bit adding several levels of intrigue. I loved the science fiction element of the Clock Work Army, and I'm really excited to see where this story goes. I was more then thrilled when Magnus Bane the super amazing warlock from The Mortal Instruments showed up, and fully invested in uncovering the mystery of it all. Plus the relationships were enticing as well, I found myself  rooting for Will all the way. I also really loved Jessamine's character I'm interested to see what happens with her in the future.  Excellent story telling yet again from Cassandra Clare, she takes it a step further with her Shadowhunter world. I loved her descriptions of London, and the way she wove London through the book making it almost a character. The literary references were a favorite of mine too. If you love The Mortal Instruments you will love Clock Work Angel.

"A fast paced adventurous tale full of love and mystery, transporting us back in time when London was a magical literary paradise" -Final thought on Clock Work Angel

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Savannah said...

Loved your review! I too enjoyed this book! Can't wait for the next one !