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We All Love YA Contest

I'm taking this time out to be perfectly honest I'm giving away your choice of three books. I hope to have some awesome posts in the near future to spotlight each of these books separately. You can pick any of the three you would like to own, they will all be pre-orders some will come sooner than others depending on the release date. All you have to do is comment this telling me why you love YA, it would be awesome if you had a cool special story to go along with it, but you can simply just explain your love. Also how I pick my books I giveaway are usually by genre and also books I'm greatly anticipating. Totally sorry if I don't always giveaway the mainstream books, but I do try my best :) ---Anyone can enter ships everywhere Book Depo does!

Across the Universe
Seventeen-year-old Amy joins her parents as frozen cargo aboard the vast spaceship Godspeed and expects to awaken on a new planet, three hundred years in the future. Never could she have known that her frozen slumber would come to an end fifty years too soon and that she would be thrust into the brave new world of a spaceship that lives by its own rules. Amy quickly realizes that her awakening was no mere computer malfunction. Someone—one of the few thousand inhabitants of the spaceship—tried to kill her. And if Amy doesn’t do something soon, her parents will be next. Now, Amy must race to unlock Godspeed’s hidden secrets. But out of her list of murder suspects, there’s only one who matters: Elder, the future leader of the ship and the love she could never have seen coming. (Goodreads)

Anna and the French Kiss

Anna was looking forward to her senior year in Atlanta, where she has a great job, a loyal best friend, and a crush on the verge of becoming more. So she's less than thrilled about being shipped off to boarding school in Paris — until she meets Étienne St. Clair. Smart, charming, beautiful, Étienne has it all . . . including a serious girlfriend. (Goodreads)
Other Words for Love

Ari Mitchell feels invisible at her Brooklyn high school. Her hair is too flat, her style too preppy, and her personality too quiet. And outside school, Ari feels outshined by her beautiful, confident best friend, Summer. Their friendship is as complex and confusing as Ari’s relationship with her troubled older sister, Evelyn, a former teenage mom whose handsome firefighter husband fills Ari’s head with guilty fantasies. When an unexpected inheritance enables Ari to transfer to an elite Manhattan prep school, she makes a wealthy new friend, Leigh. Leigh introduces Ari to the glamorous side of New York—and to her gorgeous cousin, Blake. Ari doesn't think she stands a chance, but amazingly, Blake asks her out. As their romance heats up, they find themselves involved in an intense, consuming relationship. Ari’s family worries that she is losing touch with the important things in life, like family, hard work, and planning for the future. Meanwhile, Summer warns her that what she feels for Blake is just an infatuation. Not real love. But Ari’s world is awash with new colors, filled with a freshness and an excitement she hasn’t felt in years. (Goodreads)


  1. Comment telling me why you love YA
  2. Leave me your E-Mail or jot me a message telling it to me katybug2373 (at), I will save it in case you win
  3. Tell me out of the three what book you choose (Across The Universe, Anna and The French Kiss, Other Words For Love)
  4. Spread the word via twitter and just tweet me about it @katiebug3000 (not required its just nice of you)
  5. Let me know all the following via a comment on this post

Why I love YA - Caitlin (Example, I'm long winded remember no ones has to be this long)
I  love YA because its my heart, its all the things I wish I did or wish I'd said. My very first YA fangirl obsession was The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. that to this day remains one of my all time favorite books. I am a pretty shy quiet person, and when I read I love to feel like I'm escaping. I myself lean more toward YA Fantasy, like Graceling or Fire, or The Hunger Games trilogy. I do love Courtney Summers books though Cracked Up To Be and Some Girls Are and you also can not leave out Simone Elkeles. I am at heart just a lover all all things YA from Fantasy to real life issues, no matter how old I get I'm certain my heart will always belong to teen angst and young wizards or magic. 


Raíla said...

I have no exact reason to love YA books. I just am always feeling like reading YA. The first ever YA book I THINK I read was The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants when I was about 10 years old. Then when I was like 12 I fell in love with the Twilight saga. And I can't leave it anymore. And everytime I go to the bookstore, I run into the YA section and may want every/each one of those. They just seem shine to me. :-)


And, hmmm... I am following your blog and your twitter. And... I would LOVE to win ANY of those books, but since I have to choose... I get ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS.

Thank you SO MUCH!

raila.soares at gmail dot com

Mrs. DeRaps said...

I love YA because it's fun. Whether it's a romance or a realistic read or paranormal, reading YA is awesome. I love all of the fresh new titles that come out and the anticipation that is drummed up by other bloggers. And community. The YA community is an exciting place to be.


mrsderaps @ hotmail . com

Mariana Paixão said...

Why I love YA - Mariana Paixão
(I prefer Anna and the French Kiss)

I love YA because it makes me feel stronger. It's like every book I read gives me the strenght I need to keep living. The experiences, the sadness, the happiness, the fights, the loneliness, the loveliness, I feel all the feelings like if they were mine, and this makes me stronger. Not rarely a book touches my heart like if it was written for me. And this, too, makes me stronger, because I feel that someone, somewhere - probably very far from me - understands me like no other.

Monica said...

I love YA because I find it easier to relate to due to the fact that I'm a young adult. There's books about things that I see and go through day to day such as with family and friends. (Not relationship wise unfortunately!) I can't relate well to books with adults as the main characters because I just haven't experienced anything like that. Also, there's so many different type of YA books and such a large following it's really great!

I would want Anna and the French Kiss if I won!

Thanks for the giveaway!

Nayá said...

Well... why do I love YAs? I don't know, actually.
I think I love YAs because sometimes I feel like what happens in the book could really happen to me or to a friend of mine just next to me. Excepting all the paranormal thing in some series.
The thing is that YAs show young people and what they feel and it's like there's someone, somewhere, feel exactly the way I do. I can imagine I'm not the only one feeling the way we read the character feeling.
Does it make sense?
Well... I don't know if it does, but that's why I do love YAs.

Thank you for hosting this giveaway, I loved your blog and I'm gonna follow you.

By The Way, I'd love to get Anna and the French Kiss. Or Other Word For love... well... rsrsrs

nayazinha_12 @ hotmail . com

brendajean said...

I love YA because they allow me to step away from reality for just a little while. I am always young, beautiful, in love, with great friends when I am reading YA. I would love Anna and the French Kiss,...because, well, it's about kissing!!!
I am a follower.
bchild5 at

Audrey said...

Haha, you ask tough questions.
I guess I love YA for the same reasons I love all books: I can get away from life for a while and there's no one telling me what I have to do or whatever. Except in YA, I can definitely place myself in the main characters shoes and relate to the characters.
Thanks so much! I'd prefer Across the Universe if I were to win...

EVA SB said...

I loved YA when I was a YA because it showed me that I wasn't the only one with all that craziness going on in my head.
Now I love YA because it helps me keep in touch with all the things my teenage daughter is going through.

I would chose Across The Universe because I love space and a mystery.

I'm a follower
I tweeted[@]gmail[.]com

Brittany said...

My love for YA knows no bounds! It often drives me into the children's section in bookstores, past all the 'books I should be reading' and leaves whoever I'm with feeling just a tad embarrased!

However, I'm a little relieved when I get there that I'm no longer the only one over the age of 20! Since the vampire pandemic, I feel I share the YA rows with new friends. Sometimes, I just want to burst out of my skin and exclaim "OH, YOU LIKE THAT BOOK, TOO?" when I see a familiar cover in a stranger's hands (either that or I want to bore them with a long winded review!)

YA lets me escape the dull routine of 'real' life. I was always an avid reader, but never on the verge of obsessive until I hit seventeen. I think I came into the YA craze too late, which I now regret. There were at least another five years I could've savoured!

Still, when I do manage to find that special cover or blurb my insides just about explode. I'll check myself in to my bedroom only to emerge when putting off a trip the bathroom can't be prolonged any more or my stomach is rumbling so loud it's inturrupting my reading!

I still believe I'm a seventeen year old in a twenty-one year olds body. First kisses still give me goosebumps and a cute guy on the first day of school still makes me weak in the knees. Responsibility makes me freak out and I think this is why I find no better escape than YA!

I would most love to read Anna & The French Kiss, because honestly, that novel seems to embody my life goal in moving to Paris and finding a ridiculously cute French boy!

justpeachy36 said...

I love YA for several reasons. I started reading YA after becoming interested in all the buzz around Twilight. I think I like it so much because of all the great stories that have been written. Ice, The Hunger Games, Graceling, The Vampire Diaries, and so many others.

Please enter me in the giveaway.

Jade said...

Honestly, there'd be no fun without the whole YA category. There are so many great books that were thought up and expressed by awesome authors that deserve a tribute. It goes on the whole "too cold, too hot" theory that these books were meant to be "just right" for teens. Can't have the books that have a possibility of a kiss go straight to the adult section, and somehow another bunch with bright and shiny covers go to the kids sections, could we? (I got a wondering look from a librarian once who told me a book I wanted that was supposed to be YA be a 'Junior' book, too :-s) The whole YA theme is perfect, in my opinion, and I truly enjoy reading books from the genre. There's almost nothing better. Plus, my library would be one-third scarily empty, and that won't do! :)

tweeted: (you deserve so :)!)

It's so hard to choose!!!
I'd have to go between
"Anna and the French Kiss", always an interest piece to read about them
"Across the Universe" seems oh so interesting.
I have my fingers and toes way, way crossed though!


YA Vampire Books said...

I love YA because tyhe main characters are usually close to my age, which makes it easier for me to relate to the characters and their problems. There are so many differnt kinds of YA books; romance, mysteries, paranormal books - there's always a new book to discover!

If I'd win, I would pick Anna and The French Kiss - because that book sounds amazing!!


Stella (Ex Libris) said...

I have to confess until recently I thought YA was not for me, I seldom read YA novels. At 26 I thought that I couldn't relate that much to all teen drama. But lately I read a few amazing YA novels (Beautiful Malice yb Rebecca James, Vampire Academy, etc.) which made me reconsider. I loved what enjoyable, captivating and sometimes light, sometimes emotional reads they were. So now I'm open to YA, can't wait to discover more great YA authors and books. ANy great recommendations? :-)

Hard to choose, since they all sound great. I think I'd like Across the Universe, it sounds exciting and completely original!

Thanks for the great giveaway! And for making it open for international entrants too!

stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

Bella said...

There are tons of reasons why I love YA but the 3 main reasons are:
-it's a genre that consistently pushes the envelope and isn't afraid to try new things (much like teens :)
-some of the best authors write amazing stories in YA, like Melissa Marr, Richelle Mead, and Scott Westerfeld
-characters and their situations are easy to relate to because we all go through similar events and rites of passage in our teens

I'm dying to read Across The Universe cuz I read the 1st chapter and loved it!! you can see it here:
bells DOT franco AT gmail DOT com

thanks Caitlin! And don't fret, you have AwesOme picks for giveaways :D

Cass (Words on Paper) said...

Easy. I love YA because it's easy to relate to. If not for that, it's because the storylines kick a$$. :) & I'm still a teen.

I'm going to go for Anna, since I have an ARC of Across the Universe already. I've seen Other Words, and while it looks & sounds amazing, I've been waiting on Anna a lot longer. Thanks for the contest!

cc932005 at hotmail dot com

CaitlinWithAC said...

I think I usually read YA because I'm initally drawn to the covers...what can I say? I'm a sucker for good marketing. :) I love the bright colors and awesome photography that's characteristic of YA novels.

Here's my email:

(yep, even spelled the same way.) :)

If I get picked, I would LOVE to read Across the Universe. I love sci fi stuff, especially YA sci fi. :)


Good Golly Miss Holly said...

Before I found YA I felt there was something missing in my life, it now fills my nights and weekends along with all my favourite tunes that have become my best friends. I have stacks of books and so many lists for fear the awesomness will one day run out.

i tweeted and now follow you on twitter:

i'm a follower of your blog

those three books all look amazing but i think i'd choose anna and the french kiss :)


Anonymous said...

I love YA because most "grown-up" books are BORING compared to the YA genre. If I finish a YA book and then pick up a "grown-up" one after, I get bored to death in like 20 seconds, of course this depends on the book, because I do love a few authors in the genre as well. Also, a lot of my favourite authors write YA so my hands are tied!;)

I'm picking "Anna and The French Kiss"



Shy said...

Creativity. That is the main reason why I enjoy reading YA books. I'm not saying that adult books are boring or anything, but I think they are somewhat restricted. I can expect the impossible in YA books, and I think that's very good!

I'm following your blog and if I win this, I'll definitely choose Anna and the French Kiss.

Thank you so much!


Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

i love YA b/c there's more to learn from it than from adult books. the books are much more emotional and deal with feelings more.

I would pick anna and the french kiss.

i tweeted here:

thank you!!

inthehammockblog at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore YA and I think it's because of the whole first love aspect that's usually present ... I'm a total romantic at heart and I totally remember being a teen and feeling as though the world would END if *that guy* didn't notice me :)

Renkellym said...

I love YA because the genre is a great way to escape from a hectic life! The world of YA is so incredibly fun--I think it'd be incredibly fun to have an adventure like most YA protagonists do!

Thanks for the contest! I'd LOVE to win Across the Universe.
- Lauren
pichipitch AT gmail DOT com

Leah said...

I love YA because it's fun to read. It helps me escape, and most YA books have a little bit of everything mystery, adventure, romance and I really love that is a book

Other Words for Love

Inspired Kathy said...

I love young adult because I'm still 17 at heart. I love to escape into the past.

bkhabel at gmail dot com

I am a follower.
I would choose Other Words For Love

Kare said...

I love YA because it's the things that might have happened or could have happened or might happen in my own life. I also love it because for the most part YA is clean. Adult fiction , my mom says, is typically loaded with sex and curse words. So I'm keeping it clean and getting a feel for other worlds! :D


I would love across the universe.

Thx for the giveaway!!!

Badass Bookie said...

Why I love YA? - The thing with YA is that all the genres are interwoven together, you can find yourself enjoying a book in a genre you completely dislike! You can read sci-fi but find yourself reading comtempy and romance at the same time or read paranormal and find yourself reading anout reality and drama. There is always a great book to read, a new book to love and plenty more from where that came from!

I would love to win Other Words for Love!

I tweeted -

Dawn said...

I love YA because the books are full of adventures I'm too introverted to have, relationships I missed out on when I was a teen because I was so shy, and everything I wish my life had been full of when I was younger--romance, fun, and adventure.

I would love to read Across The Universe -- I love things set in the future!

Thank you!

jecca said...

I love ya novels because i can relate way easier to the things that the main characters are going through and i love the romance in them.

i would love across the universe.

Gabrielle Carolina said...

Why do I love YA? Hmm, well that is a loaded answer, because you can never love something without having a steadfast reason.
I love YA because books were always my personal escape in life, which has not been the easiest burden to bear, but when I got into YA, and began to learn authors’ names, discovered plots I enjoyed and covers that were beyond goregous, well, it’s like I found home.
I hope that nailed it because I want “Across The Universe” like I want air. All three of the books are on my want list, but that one is just something special that you don’t see everyday!
On another note, I think we’re friends on, what was formerly known as,
My username is SweetCarolina33
Thanks for holding the contest!

Faye said...

Well it's kind of a long story why i <3 YA...when i was 16 all I would read was Adult PNR especially the black dagger brotherhood. Then it kind of got old so i read Twilight and that's what started it all. With YA Lit there's always something new, to me it never gets boring.

Him...I think i would want Anna! why do i have to choose.Universe looks great as well!


rteenbookworm at

Ashley @ Book Labyrinth said...

I love YA because the books are filled with interesting plot lines and well-developed characters... the stories and words always make me feel something, and though I am older than the protagonists I always feel like I can relate to them.

I would choose 'Anna and The French Kiss'


mrsheisefpms said...

I love YA because it speaks to teenagers and helps them understand they're not alone in the world. Also, I teach eighth grade, so YA helps me get books into kids' hands that get them to enjoy reading!

teach8bookblog [at]

If I had to choose, it would be Anna and the French Kiss first and Across the Universe second.

Yan said...

I love YA novels because without it I probably would have never started reading on my own :)




Shooting Stars Mag said...

YA is amazing because it's real and gritty and fun and horrifying and beautiful and ugly and amazing and horrible and just WOW.

I'd love Across the Universe.

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

Elizabeth Briggs said...

I love YA for the strong emotions, the coming of age journey, the romance, and the immediacy. I also love that genre doesn't matter as much as it does in adult books. Books can cross genres, and people who read YA seem to read all sorts of things within it - romance, contemporary, sci-fi, etc.

Thanks for this contest! I am dying to read Across the Universe.
ebriggs23 at

Alessandra @Out of the Blue said...

I love YA books because they're usually very good. They have romance, pain, and laughter... and I love coming of age stories. I hope that's enough!

I'd like Anna and the French Kiss. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.


Judit said...

I have to admit I've never thought about why I love YA. Maybe it will sound stupid, but I guess it's mostly because of the beautiful covers they usually have :)I just see some book with pretty cover and can't resist buying it. And it's also good to feel like a teenager again even if it's only for a while :)

I would love to win Across the Universe, thanks!

judittten at gmail dot com

Kulsuma said...

I love YA because as a young adult myself I feel like I can relate to the characters. Young adult books are great because they seem to be more about learning and growth, also most of the time it's packed with action which I love. I loved The Outsiders too! It's one of those books that never leaves you.

Harry Potter was what made me really start to read though. I was crap at reading before that and was in these booster classes for it, but luckily I improved. Now, my favourite YA books are Hunger Games, Alex Rider, Harry Potter!

I'd love to win Across The Universe.


I don't use twitter.